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July 31, 2006

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From July 30th Edition of Deccan Chronicle published from Hyderabad. Andra Pradesh has issued government order banning media from entering hospitals without written permission. Order was issued after private TV channels videotaped a tribal lady delivering baby in the hospital.

This is a great victory for all privacy rights and ethical media advocates.

We at Peoples Rights Group and Pragatipara Patrakartara Vedike welcome this order by Andra Pradesh government intended to protect privacy of patients inside the hospitals.. We hope other states follow Andra Pradesh in this.

Excerpt from the report:

Hyderabad/Vizianagaram, July 29: The government has banned the media
from entering government hospitals. Instead, it has ordered setting up
of separate “Press Rooms” in hospitals where mediapersons can meet
people either to take interviews or photographs.The latest GO was
issued following an incident involving a pregnant tribal woman
delivering a baby outside the maternity ward at the Gandhi Hospital,
Secunderabad on January 11.

After the Gandhi Hospital incident, there were talks that
mediapersons were entering labour rooms and taking photographs and
obstructing doctors from performing their duties.

The clause on Press Rooms reads: A separate “Press Room” shall be
created in every major hospital in the State. All media should
assemble only in this room for any information. Under any
circumstances, they should not go inside labour rooms, operation
theatres, post-operative wards, ICUs etc. Patients and attendants
besides the hospital staff, can be interviewed by the press in this


COMING UP:EXCLUSIVE REPORT ON SURESH HEBRI, yet another sleazy journalist of Udupi

July 30, 2006

Suresh Hebri Sleazy Udupi journalist

This is a very funny episode but well known in Coastal Karnataka about an incident involving Suresh Hebri – yet another sleazy journalist reporter in Udupi for Vijaya Kirana and Hai Maruta. Suresh Hebri, who was instrumental in forcing police accept false complaint against doctors in Manipal incident himself has lot of history.

Watch this space as we present report and exclusive photographs of how Suresh Hebri faced the music in one of the events which has become very famous in Udupi – almost achieving folklore status in some circles. Now we present that incident exclusively to the whole world on the Internet! (with inputs from Karavali Ale sources)

CONVICTED BLACKMAILER, FAKE JOURNALIST HITENDRA PRASAD JOINING ZEE TV? Why is ZEE TV hiring a criminal who should feature on Crime news rather than report for it?

July 29, 2006

 ***UPDATE AUGUST 2006***: To visitors who landed here searching for Hitendra Prasad after his murder: Click here for detailed account on that and also click here to return to home page of this blog where we have exposed other fake journalists of Udupi Mangalore******

Udupi rowdy blackmailing journalist Hitendra Prasad joining ZEE TV to expand his blackmailing businessWe earlier reported on colourful background of Hitendra Prasad – owner editor of a sleazy tabloid “HAI MARUTA”. (click here for earlier story) and employer of Umesh Marpally who was arrested for taking photos of naked patients inside the hospital Emergency Room.

Now it appears this convicted criminal with extensive blackmailing history is aiming big. We have received a tip indicating this well known blackmailer in the grab of journalist Hitendra Prasad is joining Zee TV and Hitendra Prasad is boasting among his friends how he will expand his blackmail journalism to national level.

Every small company nowadays does background checking and screening before hiring someone. So we are surprised how ZEE TV appears to have skipped even the basics before hiring someone as notorious as Hitendra Prasad.

As a small town rowdy Hitendra Prasad used to ask people for Rs.50,000. With ZEE TV we are sure that his asking rate for blackmail will reach Lakhs of rupees.

For example, THE HINDU Mangalore Edition reported earlier one of Hitendra Prasad’s extortion:


The Mangalore East (Kadri) police have registered a case of extortion against Hithendra Prasad, editor of Hai Marutha, a local eveninger. Police stated that the accused had reportedly demanded Rs. 50,000 from Siraj Ahmed, a real estate proprietor, failing which he threatened to publish articles defaming him. The Mangalore (East) Circle Police Inspector, T. Kodandarama is investigating the case

ZEE TV with its nationwide reach may do well to do some thorough background checking of Hitendra Prasad before offering him any role lest its decision comes back to haunt ZEE TV. Hitendra Prasad known for extorting thousands of rupees from his blackmailing victims in Coastal Karnataka may turn out to be a nationall level menace. How can ZEE TV be so naive to hire a well known rowdysheeter and criminal Hitendra Prasad?

They need not go far – they can just ask Police Departments of Udupi and Mangalore and see how many criminal cases are pending against Hitendra Prasad related to rowdy, blackmailing and criminal activities.

Or they can read some editions of eveninger “KARAVALI ALE” to see what Hitendra Prasad’s fellow journalist B.V.Seetharam says about him.

We request all concerned citizens of Coastal Karnataka who are victims of Hitendra Prasad to write directly to ZEE TV. You can email your thoughts along with this blog’s address to,,,,, and tell them why hiring a known criminal professional blackmailer Hitendra Prasad will only other criminal elements in Coastal Karnataka to take blackmailing as a full-time profession.

PEETA PATRIKES and PRESS CLUBS OF KARNATAKA – Good article by senior journalist K.Ramanna, Mysore

July 28, 2006

An excellent article in by senior journalist K.Ramanna of Mysore. Click here for full article (in Kannada) 

In the article Ramanna explains how journalists raise the bogey of “freedom of press” when they are caught red-handed in unethical acts.
In one case, Ramanna describes a journalist who took a loan from a bank never paid back and when bank manager asked for the money he portrayed it as “bank manager threatens journalist” and the local Press club stood behind him without knowing any facts.

Something similar happened in Manipal – two self styled journalists without any ID were caught red handed taking photos of naked patients inside emergency room and threatening medical staff who were trying to save the patients – and the local Press Club stood behind these perverts without knowing any facts and forced police to register false complaints.

BANTWAL – KARAVALI ALE REPORTER CHEATS DOCTOR? Another reason for mandatory ID card for journalists

July 28, 2006

From SANJEVANI July 27th Edition:

Karavali Ale Reporter cheats doctor in Bantwal

In yet another case of harassment by self styled journalists, an evening newspaper reporter cheats a doctor in Bantwal!

As we have reported earlier in this blog, it appears anyone can now claim to be a journalist in Coastal Karnataka and go on cheating and blackmailing spree. Some people like B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale group have built a lucrative business model based on blackmailing, so is it a surprise that younger reporters are also resorting to same tactics?

This again illustrates the need for proper identification and accreditation for journalists, especially in Coastal Karnataka where running evening newspaper has become a very attractive business proposition – with literally no investment one can become rich overnight. This is also needed so that genuine journalists can do their job without being doubted and abused by general public who already have a very dim view of journalists in Coastal Karnataka. Otherwise, incidents like cheating doctors, going inside emergency room to take photos of naked patients will continue. It is high time authorities establish a mechanism through which genuine journalists are given ID card.

FOR RENT:ACTIVIST JOURNALIST SRI RAMA DIWANA – Story of fake unethical journalist Rama Divana

July 27, 2006

Fake journalist for rent activist Srirama Diwana

We reported earlier how Rama Diwana with no background in journalism became a laughing stock with his reports where he did not even know difference between warrants for arrest and warrants to be a witness in the court. We received several emails about Srirama Diwana after we published that report.

Now it turns out Rama Diwana himself was receipient of several arrest warrants (some say more than 60 warrants). Funny how he files reports for eveningers expressing concern over warrants being issued for police and doctors!!

Let us see Rama Diwana’s background and story of a person whose only claim to writing was writing “letters to editor” to all and sundry magazines/newspapers. Now this failed journalist Rama Diwana boasts of his access to naxals and how he can get any police official transferred from the Udupi district.

Rama Diwana is either office bearer or founder of the following letter head organisations we are aware of. Srirama Diwana has mastered the art of creating organisation overnight for any cause provided you meet his budget. Just look at the range of causes he is supposed to be fighting.

Blackmailer journalist Rama Diwana

  • Karnataka Komu Sowharda Vedike
  • Karnataka Manavata Vedike
  • Karnataka Janapara Vedike
  • Udupi Nagarika Vedike
  • Manava Hakkugala Okkoota
  • Kanaka Gopura Samrakshana Samithi
  • Alpasankyatara Okoota
  • Manava Dharma Janajagruthi Vedike
  • Terigedarara Vedike
  • Udupi Jillaspatre Vedike
  • Telephone booth operators association
  • Karnataka Vimochana Ranga (said to be a front organisation of Naxalites)
  • Pragatipara Patrakartara Vedike
  • Udupi Press Club
  • so on and on….

Phew, that is one long list isn’t it? Well wait there is more!

In addition to this, Srirama Diwana was arrested in Bangalore for physically assaulting the police. There Rama Divana bailed himself out leaving his supporters still inside the jail fending for themselves.

Well known for his sympathies towards Naxalites of Western Ghats, it is said that Rama Diwana was instrumental in setting up Naxal field trip and interview for a naxal sympathetic journalist from Bangalore in July 2004. Read the resultant glowing interview of naxals here (Kannada).

It is also said that fuelled by money from Gulf countries, Srirama Diwana was also responsible for almost causing bloodbath on the streets of Udupi when he actively instigated Hindu Muslim riots. District administration and police officials spent several months to calm down communal tension in Udupi created by Rama Diwana.

However Rama Diwana who lead the campaign in spreading false rumours and news had to eat humble pie when he was exposed to whole state in the Udupi Krisha Temple Kanaka Gopura episode. Diwana along with ETV’s Raviraj Valalambe fed false news to different community leaders about so-called demolition of Kanaka Gopura – but had sagani on his face when the new grand Kanaka Gopura was inaugurated and whole state laughed at Rama Divana’s fake activism. This incident caused significant tension among communities all across the state.

Medical and hospital community of Udupi are well aware of Srirama Diwana’s blackmailing activities as seen in Hitech Hospital, Kasturba Hospital episodes. Rama Divana has built a steady reputation as an ambulance chaser in Udupi and is known for his exortion and defamation tactics.

So with all this going on, isn’t it any wonder that Srirama Diwana has built a reputation as the most dependable and reliable blackmailing journalist cum activist of Udupi? Legitimate journalists of Udupi laugh behind Rama Divana’s back about his “for rent” activities.

Only the guru of Coastal Karnataka’s yellow and blackmailing journalism culture B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale actively supports Srirama Diwana. It is also interesting to note that Subashchandra Wagle of “Kannada Prabha” and Ganesh Prabhu of “The Hindu” are the only ones publishing press statements (including statements justifying naxalites killing police officials and innocent civilians) issued on daily basis by Srirama Diwana (with all different letterheads of course).

We know police officials of Coastal Karnataka read this blog – and we hope what we have published here is not new news for them about Rama Diwana. However, if they need further evidence we are willing to provide them.

If you were victim of Srirama Diwana let us know by sending mail to

KARAVALI ALE EDITORIAL ABOUT THIS BLOG:Open challenge to B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale

July 25, 2006

UPDATE MARCH 3, 2007 – Karavali Ale Editor B.V.Seetharam arrested by police. Click here for more details. 

Karavali Ale Corrupt journalist B.V.Seetharam

Another Editorial in Karavali Ale about this blog! Wah, we are impressed how Karavali Ale continues to provide free publicity to this blog and how upset B.V.Seetharam is now that someone has exposed him. (It is funny how Karavali Ale does not have guts to publish this blog’s address though! But its readers are smarter than its editors – they Google and come to this blog!)

But as usual B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale group has again got it all wrong in his editorial. Or did we touch a sensitive spot when we exposed Karavali Ale’s false claims and blackmailing tactics? (see here for article on how reporters of evening newspaper collected 50,000 Rupees from an auto-showroom in Udupi)

First, B.V.Seetharam claims this blog is published by minister Acharya. We have stated who we Peoples Rights Group (click) and Pragatipara Patrakartara Vedike (click) are.  It is sad that B.V.Seetharam has dubbed our efforts as that of some politician. But again it is not surprising he is very upset with this blog for exposing him and Karavali Ale openly to the world – but he has got his target all wrong (as usual)

We openly challenge B.V.Seetharam to prove his claim that blog is being run by some politicians. This blog has nothing to do with any minister or political party – instead all we are fighting for is peoples rights and protest blackmailing self styled journalists of Coastal Karnataka. Readers of this blog are aware how we have provided ample proof on all the claims we made about corrupt journalists.

Second,isn’t it ironic that Seetharam got so upset reading our blog that he has to drag some journalist of Udupi as the source for this blog and badmouths the said journalist? Without going into debate on who our sources are, let us just say that we receive tips from all kind of sources including people within Karavali Ale group! As we mentioned earlier we have touched only tip of the iceberg.

Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana are together in blackmail and corruption!Third,isn’t it odd that Karavali Ale – who badmouthed and wrote horrible things about other eveninger Vijaya Kirana and Hitendra Prasad for more than three months is now claiming to be fighting for journalists? How come the sudden love for Umesh Marpally – the pervert photographer arrested for taking naked photographs of patients inside the hospital – is photographer for Vijaya Kirana. Or do we have to conclude that when it comes to blackmailing all eveningers of Coastal Karnataka are in it together?

Finally,it is interesting that B.V.Seetharam again passes verdict on the patient privacy and decency incident (where two self styled journalists without any ID took photos of naked patients inside the hospital) – he is selfstyled victim, police, judiciary all in one! May be we should just abandon all our democratic institutions and install Karaval Ale and B.V.Seetharam as Chief Minister, Chief Justice, Chief Army commander of Coastal Karnataka!

This is again an open challenge to Karavali Ale and B.V.Seetharam – do not think you can shutdown this blog by attacking us.Freedom of speech is not a one way street and not the sole domain of eveningers like Karavali Ale.

Watch this space as we provide more proof on Karavali Ale’s blackmailing and corrupt tactics and how unethical blackmailing journalism practiced by Karavali Ale is danger to the society. We received several emails after we exposed Karavali Ale earlier – and we will be publishing letters written by victims of Karavali Ale after verifying the stories.

Meanwhile send mails to if you were harassed or blackmailed by B.V.Seetharam or his band of highschool dropout reporters.