daijiworld.com duplicity – “policy” when it suits them

As part of informing Editors and Management of all newspapers and websites about this blog, we requested daijiworld.com to publicize blog. And we received a reply saying as a policy they do not deal with unknown “leads”.

Now that did not prevent them in publishing defamatory and one sided articles on doctors?

Can we say “your proved our point on why we have this blog”?

We thought at least this website run by NRIs has decency to publish both sides of the story – considering these NRIs live in countries with strict patient privacy laws, where even relatives of patients go through full identification process before allowed inside the hospital. daijiworld.com’s claim that they are fair in their coverage stands exposed.

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One Comment on “daijiworld.com duplicity – “policy” when it suits them”

  1. James DSouza Says:

    Daijiworld.com is run just by couple of egomaniacs sitting at Gulf and Mangalore. Don’t expect anything better from them as they work on “pay as you go” model. That is, unless you pay money they won’t publish anything. All their local news is stolen from local Kannada newspapers.

    I still don’t understand why my fellow Gulf residents support that portal daijiworld.com

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