Journalists of Udupi and patient privacy

Welcome to Udupi Press Victim blog.

Idea of this blog is to present facts related to an incident that occurred at Emergency Room/Trauma Center of Kasturba Hospital Manipal – wherein, two persons claiming to be journalists photographed/videotaped severely injured patients who were naked.

Umesh Marpally claiming to be from an evening newspaper and Sujith of Udupi Channel (this person also goes by the name Srijith) photographed and videotaped patients inside the hospital despite objections from Hospital authorities. And when asked to leave the hospital premises threatened the duty doctor. Duty doctor then confiscated the camera and exposed the nude / naked photos taken by Umesh Marpally. And now these perverts are crying hoarse! Is it because camera contained any other photos by Umesh Marpally taken for blackmailing other patients or guest of hotels? Watch this space on Umesh Marpally and what we have heard about his exploits in photographing guests of hotels at night and blackmailing them later.

And now some journalists of Udupi and Press Club of Udupi have started a one side attack on doctor in question – only because the doctor happens to be son of a state minister. Udupi Press Club – a motley group of 25 self styled journalists (our sources indicate only THREE of them have any sort of press accredition, so much for journalistic integrity) is now protesting the incident.

This blog tries to explore the facts behind the so-called incident where perverts Umesh Marpally and Sujith Srijith of Udupi Channel took naked photos of patients with blatant disregard to patient privacy and human decency.

We will also present to you download-able copies of police complaints filed against these perverts in the guise of journalists in upcoming posts.

Watch this space for more..

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