More reasons to believe protest by Udupi journalists is politically motivated – Mohanchandran Nambiar of Times of India and Kollur Temple scandal

We earlier reported how Dinesh Kini, President of Udupi Press club and reporter for Indian Express is an active Congress party worker. Now we have received some solid information on Mohanchandran Nambiar – reporter for Times of India who is also giving this whole incident a political twist.

We knew something was up when journalists of Udupi diverted their attention from attacking Manipal hospital doctors to BJP minister Dr.Acharya. But we were not sure of their motive. Continue to read on curious saga of how an incident involving perverts Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith of Udupi channel taking photos of naked patients inside hospital turned into black badge protest against a minister.

Mohanchandran Nambiar is Times of India’s Udupi correspondent. What is not known to citizens of Udupi is how this Congress government appointee of Kollur Mookambika Temple was part of the expelled committee for misuse of temple funds.Current state government led by JDS-BJP is actively probing this multi-crore scam. Is this the reason, Mohanchandran Nambiar of Times of India leading the protest against BJP minister? Is the black-badge protest against minister a clever ploy to pressurize the government from stopping the probe of fund misuse?

What transpired between Oscar Fernandes and Mohanchandran Nambiar of Times of India in the below photo?

Mohanchandran Nambiar of Kollur Temple scam

Mohanchandran Nambiar (on right, speaking with his mentor central minister Oscar Fernandes who had appointed him to Kollur Mookambika Temple on recommendation from Pratapchandra Shetty)along with Dinesh Kini (whose Congress party links we covered earlier) have single handedly turned this whole incident against BJP minister Dr.Acharya. On further investigation, motive of Mohanchandran Nambiar becomes very clear.

  • Mohanchandran Nambiar was appointed as Kollur Mookambika Temple trustee by previous Congress government regime. This whole committee was accused of swindling money to the tune of crores and dismissed by State Highcourt.
  • Mohanchandran Nambiar, as a temple trustee is supposed to have collected crores in his native state Kerala most of which is unaccounted for even now
  • Mohanchandran Nambiar was also supposed recepient of a “free gift” in the form of a palatial house in Manipal by the contractor who built an auditorium in Kollur. This auditorium funds are mired with controversy as funds collected is still unaccounted for.
  • What is accountedfor however is a palatial bungalow at Manipal of Mohanchandran Nambiar. (we will have the photo of Mohanchandran Nambiar’s palace in couple of days). A journalist with no other means of income built such a huge bungalow? Who knew being journalist is such a lucrative proposition?

Recent statement in Karnataka Legislative Council by government saying that it will probe irregularities in Kollur Mookambika Temple funds seems to have sent Mohanchandran Nambiar into panic. (Afterall you can’t hide a huge bunglow under a bedsheet, can you?.

(Link to report from Deccan Herald: Mookambika golden chariot “scam” to be probed)

So is it any surprise that Udupi Press Club is rallying behind this journalist-turned-temple-trustee worth crore of rupees? Also is it any surprise that Mohanchandran Nambiar is knocking on Congress leaders to protect him from all these allegations in Mookambika Golden chariot “scam”?

Main question, however is why is management of Times of India still tolerating Mohanchandran Nambiar who is treating reporting as his part time job while stopping just short of active political life. Are they aware of his support of perverts Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith of Udupi Channel?

Finally, aren’t journalists supposed to be neutral?If the likes of active political party workers and political appointees like Mohanchandran Nambiar pose as journalists is it any surprise that they also support perverts like Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith who take nude photos of patients?

Watch this space for photos of Mohanchandran Nambiar’s ill-gotten palatial bungalow – built from money of Kollur Mookambika devotees.

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One Comment on “More reasons to believe protest by Udupi journalists is politically motivated – Mohanchandran Nambiar of Times of India and Kollur Temple scandal”


    I was wondering why there was no news about the scam in times of india, when all other dailies of repute had the story running…answer is Mohanchandra Nambiar!!!

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