Police complaint filed against so called journalists who photographed naked patients at Kasturba Hospital Manipal

Below are copies of complaint filed by Kasturba Hospital Manipal doctors against Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith for taking photos of naked patients, preventing doctors from treating the patient (who were seriously injured) and then making threatening statements when asked to leave the trauma center / emergency room of Kasturba Hospital Manipal.

Except for couple of newspapers no one has reported about this complaint filed by hospitals within minutes of the incident. It is understandable if journalists of Udupi stand by their fellow colleagues – but whatever happenned to journalistic ethics? And why is Press Club of Udupi and Udupi Journalists Association supporting these perverts Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith who were photographing naked patients inside the hospital?

Following images have also been sent to management of national and state level newspapers to expose how their reporters in Udupi are supporting their pervert colleagues.

For high resolution scan of these images please contact udupipressvictim@gmail.com. Editors of newspapers can mail the same address for more details about this incident.  

Thank you to all other journalists who have already expressed concern about their colleagues behaviour in Udupi.

Scanned police complaint filed against perverts Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith of Udupi Channel

Complaint against pervert Umesh Marpally and Udupi Channel by Manipal Hospital

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