Quick thank you!

Thank you everyone who have sent support emails as well as leads on Udupi journalists.

Thank you to other professional journalists who have forwarded this Blog to their management to expose behaviour of their colleagues in Udupi.

Just to make it clear – we respect professional accredited journalists who do their job. Aim of this blog is to expose other self styled journalists who don’t have any press accreditation but act as henchmen for underground and other anti-social elements.

We have received multiple leads on Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith Udupi Channel’s past and we can see a pattern. These perverts seem to enjoy taking nude and naked photos of people and then use them to harass innocent victims. Some of these leads will be forwarded to Udupi District Police as well.

We will publish more on them after verification and why the likes of Dinesh Kini (Congress party worker and now reporter for Indian Express) and Mohanchandran Nambiar (Times of India reporter and expelled trustee of Kollur Mookambika Temple) are supporting these perverts.

We have already received hundreds of hits to this blog within couple of days – clearly shows that citizens of Udupi are tired of blackmailers and perverts in the guise of journalists.

So a quick thank you to all those who are supporting this blog. With your support we can bring the respectability back to genuine journalists which they clearly deserve.

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2 Comments on “Quick thank you!”

  1. Rahul D'Sa Says:

    Keep up the good work. I am in Bahrain but there seem to be a worrying trend where anyone can become journalist and blackmail people by taking their photos without permission etc. We have some of them right here in Gulf who run these websites. Please write about them also.

    Rahul D’Sa, Bahrain

  2. Santosh Poojary Says:

    Good work from blogger. I’m wondering why Udupi police is silent about those two perverts so called “photo journalists”. SP udupi must take strict action immediately and bring them in front of public for their pervert acts. Also everyone reading this blog should e-mail to spudupi@gmail.com as responsible citizens of Udupi.

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