Karnataka State Accountant General report on Kollur Temple Golden Chariot scandal implicates Mohanchandran Nambiar – Times of India Udupi Reporter

These documents were received as part of “Right for information Act”. For higher resolution documents please email udupipressvictim@gmail.com

Kollur Temple Scam - Times of India Udupi Reporter Nambiar accused

Mohanchandran Nambiar, Times of India Udupi Reporter – was appointed as Trustee of Kollur Mookambika Temple during Congress Government regime. This committee was ultimately dismissed allegedly due to massive corruption involved in Kollur Temple Golden Chariot project. Even State High Court has asked government NOT to appoint any members from the earlier committee when reconstituting managing board of Kollur Mookambika Temple. (Link here: Karnataka Highcourt asks government to reconstitute Managing Board of Kollur Temple;also asks not to appoint any members from previous board accused of massive corruption in Golden Chariot Scandal)

Since State Government is all set to probe and file charges against these trustees who mismanaged crore or rupees, it is clear what Mohanchandran Nambiar’s motive is in provoking his fellow journalists to protest against BJP Minister Dr.Acharya. So much for “impartial journalistic ethics”.

Mohanchandran Nambiar Times of India Reporter accused of swindling crores of rupees in Kollur Temple scam

Documents clearly indicate that massive scam took place in Kollur Temple in the name of Golden Chariot and Auditorium project. Mohanchandran Nambiar – Times of India Udupi reporter who is now supporting pervert colleagues of his, was trustee in the Kollur Temple managing committee. Mohanchandran Nambiar has been accused of collecting lakhs of rupees, particularly in his native state Kerala most of which is unaccounted for (well, some are accounted in the form of his massive new house at Manipal).

Here are documents from Karnataka State Accounts Department Accountant General who was requested by State Government to probe the issue. (English translation of these Kannada document below)

These are large documents. Click on the link below to download:

LINK I  Letter from State Accountant General

LINK II Report of State Accountant General listing trustees involved in the scam

LINK III Final Observation/summary from State Accountant General confirming wide spread belief that crores of rupees were involved in the scam.

Observations from Karnataka State Accountant General:

  • Massive corruption suspected in awarding contracts. State Government rule states that competitive bidding is required for any contract more than 1 Lakh rupees
  • Trustees (including Mohanchandran Nambiar) have not returned more than 54 files on which clarification was requested by investigating officer
  • Lot of advance paid to contractors and in some case advances were paid twice or thrice for the same work!
  • In some cases advances were paid for work that is already complete.
  • Massive cover-up and corruption observed in tabulating receipt book. Some receipts have been cancelled, but no reason has been noted for the same. Amount specified in the receipt is unaccounted for.

Remember State Accountant General office is one of the most trustworthy and independent arm of State Government (i.e.no political interference). Now State Government is trying to act on this and that is the reason Mohanchandran Nambiar and his friends in Udupi Press Club are supporting the perverts who took photos of naked patients inside hospital and are trying to politicize the whole incident by needlessly dragging BJP Minister Dr.Acharya.

Satyameva Jayate

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One Comment on “Karnataka State Accountant General report on Kollur Temple Golden Chariot scandal implicates Mohanchandran Nambiar – Times of India Udupi Reporter”

  1. Anantha Krishnan Says:

    Wow that is a massive scoop. How come no other newspapers are reporting it(I know the answer)

    This incident of medical community vs sicko journalists is taking interesting turn every moment. Keep up the good work. But as a devotee of Mookambika I am sad that Nambiar character from TOI looted the money and TOI management is still not doing anything about it.

    Have you informed TOI management about Nambiar at all?

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