Switching places

This photo is from last week – some Udupi journalists creating a scene inside police station and forcing police to accept false complaint when two of them were caught redhanded taking naked photos of patients inside Kasturba Hospital Manipal.

Persons sitting in front of police: Times of India Udupi correspondent Mohanchandran Nambiar (white shirt) now accused for his involvement in multi-crore scam in Kollur Temple as a Congress Government appointee and Dinesh Kini – President of Udupi Press Club and reporter for Indian Express. Dinesh comes from an active political background and is a card carrying Congress party member.

Nambiar and Kini forcing police to accept false complaint against the doctor

After all the new developments since then,

  • will police act now to arrest habitual perverts Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith before they flee the country?
  • Mohanchandran Nambiar (person in white shirt slumped on the chair)– will he be on the other side of police investigation when State Government orders action on the report by State Accountant General regarding mismanagement of crores in Kollur Temple scam?
  • When Lokayukta comes calling to investigate Mohanchandran Nambiar’s illgotten home from Kollur Golden Chariot scam, will he be sitting and abusing police officials as he is doing in the above photo?

Will be interesting to watch when these perverts are on the other side of the table.

On a sidenote, see the photo again – Nambiar is the only senior person in the group and all others are young, probably idealistic budding journalists (except the perverts Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith of course). What kind of role model Nambiar is to these budding journalists when he himself lobbies for appointment with political figures (we have documented his hob nobbing with Oscar Fernandes, Ramantha Rai) and is involved in multi-crore scam at Kollur Temple?

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3 Comments on “Switching places”

  1. MAHE Student Says:

    Hey I think I can identify couple of characters in that photo. I think these are the same guys who take photos of students at End Point and harass them later!!! Especially guys standing the middle with tense look on their face.
    We even complained to Manipal Police about them once..but we did not know their names.

    Do you know the names of two standing in the center?? Many girls in Manipal will identify them as these harass them regularly.

    Didn’t know these were journalists!!!!

  2. They all look scary Says:

    Wow..are they really journalists? If they are indeed are, it is scary. They look like the regular road romeos one encounters on the streets of Udupi and Manipal.

    No wonder duty doctor thought they are some perverts and not journalists. Government should make it mandatory for journalists to identify themselves with a valid identification card before claiming to be journalists.

    Not that these third class guys care..whose only intention is to blackmail people by taking photos and videos without permission

  3. Praveen Kudwa Says:

    I’m a student of Journalism at Manipal and came to know about this blog and I like this blog. These “fake” journalists are harmful to society. Police must take proper action against them immediately. Times of India must dismiss Nambiar from the job immediately.

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