BREAKING NEWS: Police arrest perverts in the guise of journalists – Umesh Marpally and Sujith Srjith of Udupi Channel


BREAKING NEWS:We have received confirmed reports that police have formally arrested Umesh Marpally and Sujith Sreejith on July 5th evening. More details awaited.

This is a victory for all law abiding citizens of Udupi and Manipal and especially for patient privacy /medical privacy rights who were harassed by blackmailing journalists of Udupi.

Just to recollect, Umesh Marpally and Sujith Srijith were accused of:

  • Entering Kasturba Hospital Manipal Emergency Room and photographing naked patients without permission from patients or doctors
  • Threatening duty doctors when they were asked to stop photographing / videotaping naked patients. Preventing Emergency Room duty doctors from performing their duties towards severely injured patients.
  • Damaging evidence when they returned cameras in question many hours after the incident during which they erased all proof of the incident.

Umesh Marpally and Sujith Srijith though perverts are smaller fishes in the sea of unethical journalism. Sujith Srjith’s boss Eric of Udupi Channel is the kingpin of this pornographic ring and we will have more on him and Udupi Channel soon.

Please continue to write to Karnataka Lokayukta to probe big fishes like Mohanchandran Nambiar – Times of India Udupi Reporter – who is accused of building his house from ill-gotten money of Kollur Mookambika Temple.

Thank you all those who have supported us in this blog.

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3 Comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Police arrest perverts in the guise of journalists – Umesh Marpally and Sujith Srjith of Udupi Channel”

  1. Harish Poonja Says:

    That is terrific news indeed. Keep the goodwork and kudus to police for going after these perverts and not bending to pressure from journalists.

    It is time some basic journalistic ethics are followed by journalists when covering medical reports.

    The worse was when Mahajan family was tormented, but I am glad that Udupi police has nipped the bud of these perverts before big city symptoms spread to small towns like Udupi and Manipal.

    Great work!!

  2. AhujaMIT Says:

    Congratulations. After IIPM controversy this is probably the first time in India’s blog history that something significant was achieved by blogs.

    Indians are already sick of cameras prying into their hospitals and bedrooms, so it is about time some rules are framed to protect privacy of patients and other citizens.

  3. Janardhan Mallya Says:

    Happen to see this blog. This is amazing blog. Good that udupi police at last nabbed these two fake journalists.

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