Harassment of students at End Point by Udupi Journalists and Udupi Channel?

When we started this blog to expose corrupt and unethical journalists of Udupi, we never realized the extent to which this blog can reach. Tips are pouring in during last three days. While we can’t explore all tips (most of them will be forwarded to Udupi Police as they fall under criminal investigation – something that is beyond this Blog’s reach), some tips caught our attention.

After we published photo of journalists in police station, we received two emails from students studying in Manipal. They identified the persons in the photo and say that these were the same guys who harass students at End Point by taking photographs and videos without permission.

In her own words “We protested taking our photos at End Point by that guy in ___ (removed by Ed.) shirt. But he came up with an excuse that “This is a public property and I can take whatever I want”.

We have orally complained about this to authorities but no action has been taken yet and these road romeos (they are not worth being called journalists) still harass innocent students at End Point.

MAHE authorities and law enforcement agencies need to act now to prevent this from escalating further”

Do we really need any further evidence on how cancerous these self styled journalists are to the society? What next? Videotaping inside bedroom of citizens?We hear Times of India reporter Nambiar’s bedroom built from Kollur Devotee money is quite tastefully decorated. Will perverts in Udupi Channel and Umesh Marpally go and videotape inside Nambiar’s bedroom? We would like to see a black-badge protest then.

Watch this space for more exploits of these corrupt self-styled journalists of Udupi.

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