Umesh Marpally’s naked photo history – Hajabba case – how “journalist” Umesh Marpally’s camera can only take nude photos

We apologize in advance for publishing the below photo – though we have resized it so as to respect privacy of people involved (unlike Umesh Marpally and Kannadaprabha who published this photo on coverpage). This photo was also taken by the same Umesh Marpally – now accused of taking photographs of naked/nude patients inside Kasturba Hospital Manipal.  We are publishing this photo only to bring to the attention of citizens of Udupi the sick mind of pervert Umesh Marpally.

Photo taken by Umesh Marpally in Adi Udupi Hajabba case:Can you see a pattern of Umesh’s sick mind?

Victims Hajabba and his son were forced to face the camera by sick pervert Umesh Marpally (and according to eyewitnesses Dinesh Kini focussed his bike headlight on Hajabba so that Umesh can take the photo)

If Dr.Kiran Acharya had not confiscated the film role from his camera, there is no doubt that Umesh Marpally would have sold the photos he took of naked/nude patients inside Kasturba Hospital Manipal to highest bidder.

As this photo clearly indicates Umesh Marpally has a history of taking and publishing nude photos of people who are in helpless position. Internet is full of suck sick sexual perverts and we again demand Udupi Police to arrest this anti-social sick sexual pervert in the guise of journalist before irrepairable damage is done to the society by Umesh Marpally and his supporters.

This incident at Adi Udupi where a mob of people pulled lungi of Hajabba and his son. Forgetting all basic human decency and journalistic ethics, Umesh Marpally focussed his camera and took photo of these people. Dinesh Kini helped him by starting his bike and focussing the headlight on these naked people. This photo was published on Kannadaprabha newspaper and caused considerable embrassment to people, District Administration and Police officers of Coastal Karnataka. 

State COD is currently investigating this case and is reported to have questioned Umesh Marpally and Dinesh Kini on June 27th.

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2 Comments on “Umesh Marpally’s naked photo history – Hajabba case – how “journalist” Umesh Marpally’s camera can only take nude photos”

  1. Abdul Mulki Says:

    Now I know the true story of these “pervert” journalists , because of them there was communal tension at Udupi.Police must immediately arrest and punish them.

  2. Babu Poojary Says:

    What a sicko! Police really need to act now before we lose complete confidence in journalists. Isn’t it ironic that other journalists of Udupi are supporting this sicko?

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