Arrest of “journalists” Umesh Marpally and Sujith Srjith is not news for Udupi journalists!

All that protest against police, minister, black badge protest by Udupi journalists seem to have happenned years ago considering no newspaper or Web portal has reported about last night’s arrest of their colleagues Umesh Marpally and Sujith Srijith (Udupi Channel).

Not completely unexpected as we understand afterall they are colleagues and brothers in arms. It is as if these thugs in the guise of journalists don’t even understand the basics of “journalistic ethics”. Again, not a surprise as none of them have any formal training in journalism and most of them are “accidental journalists” who just could not graduate or find any other job.

Udupi journalists led by Nambiar and Dinesh Kini wear black badge - what badge or flower will they wear now?

While Udupi journalists rushed to press with banner heading of “Minister’s son attacks journalists in hospital”, now not even a whimper is being heard when police have arrested their fellow journalists. “One sided coverage” is too mild a term to use for this. It is more like blackmail and currying for political favours (as seen from TOI reporter Mohanchandran Nambiar’s political appointment by Congress government and subsequent dismissal by State Highcourt for misusing crores of rupees at Kollur Mookambika Temple)

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