Say “NO” to journalists and TV cameras inside Indian hospitals

Ban journalists and TV channels from Medical facilities!

We saw it during Pramod Mahajan incident where TV channels literally forced their cameras to faces of grieving relatives and victims. This trend has now reached small towns like Udupi and Manipal as we saw.

No grieving relative or severely injured patient deserves such a cruel treatment from our journalists and TV channels. Show your support to this cause by posting this image in your blog and link it to us – be a part in this fight against unethical journalism.

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3 Comments on “Say “NO” to journalists and TV cameras inside Indian hospitals”

  1. Krishnan Says:

    Very good cause bro, keep your fight on.

  2. Dr.Kishore Kanetkar Says:

    This is real good. Some journalists don’t have any ethics. Government and MCI must bring some new rules and policies regarding patient privacy.

  3. hussain lakdawala Says:

    Hi Dr Kishore
    there is no need to formulate new regulations…doctors have to read section 6.6 of medical council of india guidelines and the press has to read the press council of india guidelines!!!

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