Self goal by Udupi journalists:Evidence of videotaping naked patient and obstructing doctors from treating the patient inside Emergency Room

Here we have evidence of these perverts taking video inside the Manipal Hospital Emergency Room – ironically taken by the same morons and they did not realize that this grab can be used against them for variety of reasons in the court of law.

Udupi journalists and TV channel preventing doctors from giving emergency care to patients in Emergency Room

NOTE: We have several minutes of this video taken by Udupi Channel. To protect patient privacy we are publishing only this shot which does not reveal patient’s private parts and identity. 

What is evident even on a cursory glance is:

  • Patient is almost naked, medical staff is desperately trying to revive the severely injured patient
  • As in most Emergency Room / Trauma Center space is small – so it is clear that additional video cameras and photographers only hinder treatment to the patient
  • Last but not the least, it is very clear that these perverts were trespassing private property of Kasturba Hospital Manipal

The way these journalists are changing statements (“Patient was not naked”, “We did not take video of nude patient”, “We were not inside Emergency Room”) only shows how “professional” these perverts are.

So after they were kicked out, they went running to Manipal Police Station, where they continued to take video. We have heard of police taking video while interrogating criminals, but in this case video of police were taken by the same camera (which next day they returned saying it was damaged by the doctor! Another self goal!!)

Big question to Udupi Police SP is this:why police officials of Manipal allow taping inside the station? Are they looking for publicity? We have never heard of a thief monitoring police – usually it is the other way around.

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