Self goal II by Udupi Journalists – they really need to get their story straight before filing false complaints

We really can’t believe that journalists, considering their profession is all about reporting events can be so dumb. Here is Umesh Marpally – minutes after being kicked out of the hospital. Camera looks good to us – but next day he gave it to police saying it was damaged by the doctor! Here is Exhibit B or Self Goal Number 2.

Camera looks good minutes after the incident - next day it mysteriously became damaged?

This again is video grab from one of the perverts from Udupi Channel’s camera. The person holding the camera is Umesh Marpally who was kicked out of the hospital. This video was taken minutes after he was kicked out of the Manipal Hospital. Do you see any damage to the camera? We don’t either! It appears he is actually using it.

In this photo again you can see Dinesh Kini leading the “road romeo pack” (as one of our readers called these thugs posing as journalists and harassing students at End Point) and arguing with police and forcing them to accept false complaint.

Are Udupi journalists taking police for the ride in this whole incident? We have heard a lot about judicial activism. We hope Courts of Udupi take this incident on suo moto basis and fine all journalists involved and recover from them the expense incurred by Udupi Police in taking up this false complaint filed by journalists.

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3 Comments on “Self goal II by Udupi Journalists – they really need to get their story straight before filing false complaints”

  1. Dinesh S Says:

    Great detective work man..I think this is the first time in India’s blog history that journalists have been exposed to thoroughly.

  2. Giridhar Prabhu Says:

    We are with you. After the meediyah blog shutdown, this is the first one to have such detailed exposure of our media. I also completely agree with imposing guidelines to media on covering blood and gore inside the hospitals.

  3. Samil Ahmed Says:

    This blog is too good. As you said journalist profession doesn’t need any education or skills. These bunch of udupi journalists look like road romeos and perverts. police must arrest all of them.

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