Presenting SRIRAM DIVANA / SRIRAM DIWANA: “FOR RENT Activist” journalist

As we started researching about the background of corrupt Udupi journalists, one person’s name was heard over and over again – Sriram Divana / Sriram Diwana.

In addition to being a self styled journalist, he is also member of dozens of associations that exist only in letterheads (more on that later)

Sriram Diwana - Rent him for your cause

Sriram Diwana was in the forefront of organizing protest in Adi Udupi Hajabba “bettale” case. Now he is protesting against doctor who prevented journalists from taking “bettale” photos of patients inside emergency room. Why Srirama Diwana is choosy on fighting these “bettale” causes? Read on..

Will the real Srirama Diwana please stand up and make up his mind? Or does Srirama Diwana choose on what cause to fight based on how much the renting party is ready to pay him? Note that Adi Udupi protest was organized by groups with support of free flow of money from Gulf Countries / shady underworld characters.

Keep sending those tips as we continue our fight to protect privacy of citizens from blackmailing and pervert journalists of Udupi.

Watch this space for more on the following corrupt journalists of Udupi as we gather more information on them:

  • Sriram Diwana continued – his terrorist links with naxals, criminal cases filed against Sriram Diwana – and how he ditched his supporters by getting bail for himself while leaving behind his friends high and dry in the jail/court
  • Ganesh Prabhu – Udupi reporter of The Hindu.
  • Raviraj Valalambe of ETV
  • Dinesh Kini’s escapades as reported by his friend Hitendra Prasad’s newspaper.

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One Comment on “Presenting SRIRAM DIVANA / SRIRAM DIWANA: “FOR RENT Activist” journalist”

  1. Manjunath Malleswaram Says:

    Happen to see link to this blog from Google.
    I’m not surprised with some journalists these days where in if you are ready to pay some money you can rent them as “activists/journalists”. They will write as per your wishes and needs.
    But if someone objects that, they will say “Attack on media freedom”

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