SELF GOAL #3: Before and After – how journalists damaged their own camera to file a false complaint against doctors

Here is some more evidence on how journalists of Udupi in their hurry to politicize the issue scored one more self goal.

We have seen BEFORE and AFTER photos for Weight Loss Programs. But have you seen how journalists damaged and manipulated evidence to force police accept false complaints?

Camera looks nice and dandy minutes of journalists were kicked out of the hospital

AFTER: Cameras which looked all nice and dandy in the above picture ended up as the one below. We are not camera experts unlike these pervert journalists, but even the camera model looks different!
Cameras submitted to police after journalists damaged it during 12 hours after the incident at hospital

We could not but laugh as we publish this. This is Internet age, heck even small town police like Udupi Police now accept complaint by Email and Internet. And journalists think they can get away with these 1970s or 1980s style evidence destruction and manipulation to file false complaints? Or are they watching too many old Hindi movies?

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2 Comments on “SELF GOAL #3: Before and After – how journalists damaged their own camera to file a false complaint against doctors”

  1. Vivek Malkani Says:

    Happened to see this blog. I’m student of journalist from University of Bombay. This blog is too good and I’m planning to take this as case study in this semester. I’ll contact you via e-mail to get more details.

  2. Jayram Says:

    Came across your blog very recently. Excellent work !! Keep it going ! Privacy has become the biggest casualty & such crooked attempts by unethical people need to be exposed.

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