Forcing Bangarappa to make statements:More and more reasons to believe Udupi journalists are only interested in politics

In a clear sign that whole issue is about politics and nothing but politics by journalists, a strange development is taking place among journalists of Udupi.

Udupi journalists are literally begging all and sundry politicians to make a political capital out of the incident where two journalists were kicked out of Manipal hospital for taking naked photos of patients inside the emergency room.

Left most in the photo is Dinesh Kini (Exclusive coverage on his exploits as reported by Hai Maruta coming soon) – whom we have profiled earlier. Bangarappa apparently was not happy the way his conference was hijacked by journalists – as seen in the above photo.

Mr.Bangarappa’s press conference in Udupi was hijacked by journalists of Udupi and he was forced to make a telephone call to Home Minister M.P.Prakash almost at gun point, or shall we say “pen point”. Only after getting statements from Bangarappa condemning the BJP minister did the Udupi Press allow him to finish his press conference.

Our sources indicate that local Samajwadi leaders are really upset with this single point agenda of Udupi press who were more interested in pushing their own agenda instead of listening to what their leader Bangarappa had to say on variety of issues.

Oddly enough only Daijiworld – run by Gulf based porn ring leaders and Udupi Channel run by another porn king pin Eric Saldanha were the only one to report these “forced statements” by Mr.Bangarappa.

We have it from reliable sources that politicians cutting across party lines were approached by journalists of Udupi to make political capital out of this incident. But almost all of them have declined to take the side of journalists with the fear that taking the side of journalists in this particular case is a sure way to kiss their voters good bye.

Afterall citizens of Udupi are known to be highly educated and this is another proof that they are sick of blackmailing and pervert journalists of Udupi.

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2 Comments on “Forcing Bangarappa to make statements:More and more reasons to believe Udupi journalists are only interested in politics”

  1. Dayanand Kini Says:

    It looks like now these pervert journalists started blackmailing sundry politicians. I have some information on the funding behind daijiworld. I will contact you in an e-mail.

  2. Nithin Poojary Says:

    Udupi press must write scams of Bangarappa (Great Party Hopper) instead of taking “nude” photographs and forcing him to make comments to save perverts

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