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Ban journalists and TV cameras inside Indian hospitals! 

SUMMARY FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL NEW VISITORS TO THIS SITE: Two people claiming to be journalists entered Kasturba Hospital, Manipal Emergency Room and tried to take photos of patients inside the Emergency Room despite protests from patients and medical staff. Doctor on duty promptly took the camera roll, exposed it and returned camera and roll to journalists after which hospital security kicked them out.

Caught red handed, these “journalists” (neither of them had any ID or accreditation) led by Udupi Press Club launched a protest against police, doctors, ministers and so on (don’t ask us why they are pissed at the world)

This blog is an attempt to present other side of the story as journalists have reported only one side of the story. While at it we received many leads based on which below posts have been filed.

With all the disgusting coverage we have seen on media of late where photographers and TV channels literally thrust their camera and mikes inside hospital, homes, offices of citizens with blatant disregard for privacy, we will be happy if something constructive comes out of this incident regarding how far media can go when it involves patient privacy, dignity in the hospitals of India.

Satyameva Jayate

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4 Comments on “Welcome new visitors”

  1. Dr. Shankar Hindesgeri Says:

    Happen to see this blog. Keep up the goodwork.

  2. Balasubramanian A. Says:

    Televison itself is an intrusion in the privacy of individuals. Especially in the highly Competitive field of Visual Media, any thing and every thing attains News Value for the TV Journalists. Many upstarts in the field,have no respect for Age, Culture and Privacy of the individual. This Blog brings out another facet of the TV Journalists.

  3. Saggere Says:

    TV Journalists or print journalists, no one has right to enter ICU or operation area at hospitals. Paparazzi may cross limitations to make money. Journalists are expected to practice good journalism, not to make money and (site).

  4. NostalgicMysorean Says:

    Please check out VT story in Vijay Timesof12th August2006 about security breach at IISc,Bangalore.I am sure all of us agree this is how journalism should be-Hats off to Nirad Mudur ,the Chief reporter and Mr Krishnaprasad,Editor

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