Indian Medical Association condemns behaviour of Udupi Press – rallies behind the doctor

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Statement released to press by Dr.G.Pradeep Kumar and Dr.Vrinda G Kamath, President and secretary of IMA Udupi – Manipal Branch:

“The prime duty of a doctor in an emergency room is to save the life of a patient and give immediate treatment. We the doctors are duty bound to keep professional secrecy and also respect the sentiments of the patients right to privacy”

“During the course of the treatment, a patient may be scantily dressed and taking pictures in such a situation tantamounts to violation of the patients’ right or privacy. It is prudent on the part of the media that they seek prior permission of the doctor and the hospital authorities to ascertain if the patient is willing and only then they shall take statements or pictures”

Additional note: According to Indian Penal Code, if during emergency treatment patient dies due to external parties like journalists or photographers interfering with the treatment, a criminal case is booked against persons who caused distraction (in this case journalists and media persons).

Those who are still justifying entry of media persons into ICU/Emergency Room/Trauma Center in the name of “freedom of press” may want to note this clause.

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