UDUPI PRESS CLUB Isolated:Fellow journalists disgusted at Udupi journalists support of perverts videotaping nude patients inside hospital

While not completely unexpected, it is clear that Udupi Press Club with their blind support of perverts Umesh Marpally and Sijith of Udupi Channel (who took naked photographs of patients inside the hospital and prevented doctors from performing emergency treatment) stands isolated in this incident of patient privacy inside hospitals. Even their fellow journalists from other parts of the state and country are convinced that there is no merit in their false accusation and this is a clear case of perverts caught redhanded.

Umesh Marpalli - Bettale photogala saradaara

  Sijith of Udupi Channel - Porn King of Udupi

Above (Left):UMESH MARPALLY:Bettale photogala saradaara. Has a history of taking nude photos of people in helpless situation. See earlier link on his role in Adi Udupi Hajabba case.

(Right) SIJITH SUJITH of Udupi Channel – porn king relishing in taking videos of helpless patients inside hospitals.

We have received emails from journalists in Karkala, Kundapura, Mangalore, Bangalore, Mandya and many other districts of Karnataka saying they are disgusted at the behaviour of their fellow journalists in Udupi. Some have emailed from as far as USA and Australia after many popular blogs featured this blog. Some on their own initiative have complained to Press Council to probe this issue. As we have clarified earlier, this blog is to expose only these selfstyled journalists who use “journalist” tag to do illegal activities thus bringing bad name to all journalists. Free and fair press forms foundation of our country, so it is important for other genuine journalists to stand up now and tell their colleagues at Udupi that they are wrong in supporting these two perverts.

Above are mugshots of these perverts – they are supposed to be severely injured . Afterall, they got themselves admitted hospital so that they can file a false complaint against the medical staff. Ummm…where are all the neck injuries claimed by these perverts while admitting themselves into hospital? What a waste of government money as they admitted themselves to Government Hospital.

We again request respected courts of Udupi to take this issue on suo moto basis and fine these perverts and office bearers of Udupi Press Club and recover the money spent on their false charges, hospital costs (bed charges) and accusation made solely to cover their backs after being caught redhanded taking vidoes inside hospital without permission.

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3 Comments on “UDUPI PRESS CLUB Isolated:Fellow journalists disgusted at Udupi journalists support of perverts videotaping nude patients inside hospital”

  1. Gouri Satya Says:

    Electronic and print journalists have no right to enter ICU, operation theatre and certain other restricted wards, in the name of freedom of the media, unless permitted by the concerned speciality doctors. Their or any other persons entry into such wards may pose danger the lives of the patients undergoing treatment there. Freedom of the press does not mean a journalist can enter anywhere or write anything. Whatever he does should be in the interest of the community/society. Freedom carries along with it responsibility also.

  2. Aravind Balegadde Says:

    I got link to this blog from google. It is very true that journalists must use their freedom responsibly since message they send will be viewed by whole soceity.In this case so called “journalists” not even cared for privacy of patients and hospital rules/regulations. Good that police arrested them.

  3. Shashank Bhat Says:

    Olle kelsa marayre. Ee ibru kadimaru patrikeyavru antha mukavada hakidru.Policeru olle kelsa madidru.

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