Karavali Ale tops Press Council of India “Defaulter” list – is “Ale” using PCI Membership to legitamise sleazy journalism and receive lakhs of rupees in goverment advertisements?

Karavali Ale default on their PCI dues - using PCI membership as a means to get government advertisements?

Going through Press Council of India “defaulters” page it appears Karavali Ale has not paid its due at all and have become members of PCI with the sole reason to gain legitimacy among dozens of sleazy tabloids that decorate newstands of Coastal Karnataka and also to get thousands of rupees in government advertisements.

You can see the whole list (Excel format) on official Press Council of India website http://presscouncil.nic.in/defaulters.htm

Membership of PCI entitles a newspaper, however sleazy to apply for government advertisements and grants. And Karavali Ale (amount owed to PCI:26,000 Rupees) has defaulted on its membership dues.

We have seen B.V.Seetharam – Editor in Chief – boasting how other evening newspapers are not “legitimate” because they are not member of Press Council of India. Now it turns out Seetharam’s boast is just that – membership for the sake of membership without paying any dues and not following any guidelines of Press Council of India.

One has to wonder though – where does all the money collected by Udupi reporters (see our earlier report :“Rs 50,000 question – which evening newspaper reporter in Udupi collected 50,000 Rupees from an autoshowroom?”)of evening newspapers go? 

No wonder running newspaper is a lucrative business in Coastal Karnataka.

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2 Comments on “Karavali Ale tops Press Council of India “Defaulter” list – is “Ale” using PCI Membership to legitamise sleazy journalism and receive lakhs of rupees in goverment advertisements?”

  1. Bhaskar Nayak Says:

    B.V.Seetharam has curse of thousands of people on him. Karavali Ale has spoiled our society is a cancer that has already spread. Seetharam is directly responsible for at least dozens of suicides in undivided Dakshina Kannada district – because he publishes sleazy stories day after day.

    But others are no better, so the standards of evening newspaper in Dakshina Kannada goes down and down..really sad that supposedly intelligent people of these districts are still tolerating these sleazy journalism. This is not a question of freedom of press, rather as you said just making money.

    Seetharama ninna kutumba haalagi hogali.

  2. Kudla Patrakarta Says:

    BV held lot of promise when he came to Mangalore and started Canara Times. Evening newspaper business has made him a different person. When I look back and recollect my interactions with him in 90s, I can only sympathise for him at the gutter he has fallen into. What a fall it is for a person who had all qualities to become a good journalist but instead preferred to sleep in the gutter.

    While I agree with this blog in principle, please don’t brush all of us in a broad brush. There are still many of us working evening to midnight and earning peanuts. Honest journalism does not pay well now.

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