Media coverage of this blog and other comments

We are overhelmed by the response this blog has received on Internet and on other blogs and main stream media. It is clear that people are disgusted with intrusion of privacy even in offbound places like Operation Theatre, Emergency Room and Trauma Center.

In addition to this we have been approached by couple of medical publications (one in India and one in US) who are interested in covering the issue of patient privacy and media intrusion in Indian hospitals. We have also been approached by some students studying journalism in different universities who want to take this blog as a case study of “citizen activism” – #1 Kannada portal has an article on media ethics in covering medical cases

Sepiamutiny – One of world’s most popular India/South Asia related blog

Churumuri Blog – Karnataka’s most popular blog has a thought provoking post here. Churumuri asks “Do journalists have the right to gatecrash into the emergency room of a private hospital? Are they allowed to shoot pictures of patients without the permission of the hospital authorities or the patients and their next of kin? Does such an intrusion by journalists amount to an invasion of privacy? Is barring journalists from such trespass an attack on the freedom of the media? Should those who are supposed to report news become the news themselves? Can journalists serve as trustees of temples and other public bodies without inviting charges of conflict of interest?All very pertinent questions these, and they all come to us courtesy a quite amazing incident in Udupi recently.” – World’s #1 Indian Portal has a blog on this issue

KannadaPrabha newspaper has a report. It seems people of “Sowharda Vedike” are worried about this blog’s contents – is it because it hit some soft spots?

Mails are pouring in and we will try our best to respond as fast as we can. We have received fair share of hate mails as well – oddly most of them originating from Gulf countries! Not a real surprise as we knew all along who are supporting these perverts Umesh Marpally and Sijith/Udupi Channel and their motives.

Keep those coming to

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2 Comments on “Media coverage of this blog and other comments”

  1. Sanjay Varghese Says:

    Keep up the good work! Media appears to have definitely crossed the line in this incident. Great detective work. I am nominating this to Bharatiya Blog Mela.

  2. Harish Karnik Says:

    This blog is amazing. Uncovering fake journalists and their scams. I’m sure lot of people have read this blog and people now know who are true/dedicated and fake “journalists” of udupi press by now. Keep the good work and waiting to see more.

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