Press Council of India norms of journalistic conduct on privacy, photography:Are journalists of Udupi above all that?

Udupi journalists violated Press Council of India norms

Press Council of India has laid down elaborate guidelines on reporting and photographing citizens. Are journalists of Udupi are above all these norms? Not a rhetoric question, but we are willing to bet that if we investigate members of Udupi Press Club, many of them may not even know what PCI is – let alone the norms and journalistic ethics!


  • SECTION VI: The Press shall not intrude or invade privacy of an individual, unless outweighed by genuine overriding public interest, not being a prurient or morbid curiosity. 
  • SECTION VII: Right to privacy is an inviolable human right


  • SECTION VIII (iii): Intrusion through photography into moments of personal grief shall be avoided. However, photography of victims of accidents or natural calamity may be in larger public interest (Ed Note: We don’t see how a concrete slab collapse in a small town is of larger public interest, but it is interesting to see Udaya TV and ETV mis-reporting the incident as “tree fell on the house” while it was actually a concrete slab collapse! Legal experts opine that this is a calculated move by the cornered journalists to prove that it was “natural calamity”, but whole theory goes out of the window as we can’t see a single tree in their own coverage of the incident!)

Complete norms of journalistic conduct laid down by Press Council of India can be accessed on their official website (

You can make a difference – complain to Press Council of India about unethical behaviour of Udupi Journalists by emailing to or

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3 Comments on “Press Council of India norms of journalistic conduct on privacy, photography:Are journalists of Udupi above all that?”

  1. Vikram Suvarna Says:

    Asking these thirdclass journalists to follow PCI guideline is like asking a theif to follow Vedas! I am amazed at your continued fight in this case. Keep the good work.

  2. Rohan Mendis Says:

    I have emailed Press Council of India, but not very hopeful of anything happenning. But a try. Thank you for digging all these norms. I am not sure on what basis all supporters of these photographers are still justifying photographing and videotaping inside the Emergency room!


  3. Range Gowda Says:

    Konada munde kinnari baristha idiri saar.

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