Good article:Ethical considerations while photographing inside the hospital

Indian Journal of Medical Ethics 

Well known journal IJME has a good article on ethical considerations while dealing with photography inside hospitals.  This article is primarily aimed at medical photographers (employed by hospital), but the ethical concerns and lines drawn in this article is valid for anyone intending to photograph inside the hospitals (including media).

Some noteworthy highlights from the article:

  • Permission from patient – Informed written permission of the patient must be obtained before photography is undertaken.
  • Relationship with patients – An individual has a fundamental right to privacy. Unauthorised publication may have social and legal repercussions for the patient concerned. For instance, disclosure of pregnancy, abortion, plastic surgery or the contraction of a sexually transmitted disease, if made known without express permission may cause embarrassment to the patient. It can result in legal proceedings against the hospital.
  • Rules include requesting for permission to enter a ward, not disturbing a doctorwhile he is with a patient and not interrupting a nurse while she is dressing a patient’s wound are based on the need for maximum care of the patient.

You can read the full article here on IJME Website.

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