Mumbai blast:Journalism students are safe

We have heard back from two Mumbai University journalist students and they are safe. Thank you all who emailed asking about these students.


Amazing to see Mumbai bounce back so quickly.

Mumbai bounces back



On the same topic, did anyone catch when CNN-IBN correspondent said (paraphrasing) “I went to this platform – but did not tell them that I am from media. People are targeting media people for taking photos/video of injured. They are getting upset even at those people who are taking photos in cellphone”.

This again illustrates that people don’t like their photo being taken when they are in helpless situation. Unfortunately photos will be taken and sold in India as long as there is no mass movement on privacy rights.


Reader Satya Kini, from USA writes:“What journalists of Udupi tried to do inside the hospital can never happen here. If they did succeed in taking photos they would have been sued for millions by patients and hospital. Forget media, even relatives of the patients have to sign many documents before taking any photos inside the hospital. When my baby was born, I wanted to take photos – and had to sign documents saying it is for personal use and won’t be sold etc etc. ”

“During 9/11 attack on WTC TV cameras caught people jumping from the top floor to their death. These were not broadcast for several months and only later were shown in a Discovery Channel documentary. This is not due to any government regulations, but rather media’s own decision to respect privacy of these people and a decision not to broadcast gory pictures. With the ratings game in Indian media, it would be naive to believe they will self regulate on what they will broadcast. But government control also is not an answer. So only alternate is for citizens to become aware of their privacy rights and ask media to respect the same”

Thank you Satya for a thoughtful mail.


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