Media cameras and your privacy – what can you do as a citizen?

Mumbai doctors shoo away media from hospitals


We earlier reported how people of Mumbai prevented media from coming anywhere near victims and photographing them. It is quite clear that normal citizens are sick of this intrusion of their privacy by news-hungry and money hungry photographers / videographers.


Now as a regular citizen what can you do? Mumbai residents have shown that they don’t like what media is doing. You can start the same in your city or town.

If you see photographers and videographers entering private property and shooting images of people without permission ask them to leave politely. If they don’t, you can start photographing or videotaping these people as it will become valuable tool later in case you file any criminal case for trespassing your property.

As a consumer you can stop buying newspapers which publish gory and sleazy photos on regular basis. You can also write to Editors and management of the newspapers saying how you are uncomfortable subscribing to their newspaper when you have kids at home who have access to such newspaper and photos. In short, don’t support media who take citizens privacy as granted.


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One Comment on “Media cameras and your privacy – what can you do as a citizen?”

  1. hussain lakdawala Says:

    It is sad to note that major tv channels had announcements like ” send your MMS to….”…during mumbai blasts…these channels are encouraging the development of paprazzi in india!

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