We’ve got mail! Response to some mails

We've got mail!

Unlike media which published only one sided story blaming medical staff in the case of arrested “journalists” Umesh Marpally and Sijith Udupi Channel (who were trying to take nude photos of patients inside the hospital Emergency Room and prevented doctors from conducting emergency treatment) we are open to listening and publishing contrarian view points on this blog. As we have repeatedly said in this blog, we respect genuine and ethical journalists – we know how hard their working conditions are with all the looming deadlines, breaking news stories.

So let us take couple of emails we have received recently.


#1 Ex-Udupi Guy asks:”I agree that journalism has stooped to a very low level with Indians trying to immitate the US media outlets. Why does “Karavali Ale”’s financial issue brought up on this site? I fail to see how defaulting to pay some club membership makes a paper sleazy”

Our response: Have you seen print copy of Karavali Ale? Do you remember seeing all kind of membership numbers printed on each copy? And we have it on record B.V.Seetharam saying “Other evening newspapers are bogus as they are not member of any accredited, government recognized media organizations”. It is not just some “club membership” as you casually dismiss PCI membership – membership of PCI makes newspapers eligible for Central and State government advertisements. You know the ones where a one page ad is published if Lalloo Prasad is inaugurating train service betwen Timbuktoo and Kashi? When a newspaper claims it is member of an organization and organization is saying this newspaper has defaulted, then one has to question what is the real motive behind the membership at all? After-all it is our tax money which is being spent on ads in bogus newspapers, so as citizens it is our duty to question the government on why it is still supporting sleazy newspapers.

In short, why we should we take any stories published in such newspapers seriously, when they are cheating readers and the government by publishing membership association but not actually paying the dues? Lying to readers who buy your newspaper – if that is not sleazy enough for you, what is?


JAIDEEP SHENOY WRITES:”If you have definite proof about the misdeeds about all or a section of the mediapersons, come out in the open and state the same along with your identity and the basis for making these allegations or calling someone corrupt. For someone who is championing the cause against unprofessional attitude of journalists, basic decorum needs that you do not indulge in blame game and grind your own axe”

Our response:First of all, we have already published “definite proof” on corrupt and unethical journalists – see right side of the screen. However what we have published is just the tip of the iceberg and sample of what is to come next – and we will publish them per our discretion. Contrast this with the false charges filed against doctor and the one-sided coverage of that incident by the media.

Are you serious while asking these questions? When media of Udupi unilaterally hanged and continue to publish defamatory articles on respected doctor without publishing other side of the story, where exactly was the “basic decorum” you are talking about? Press Club of Udupi was hijacked by couple of journalists who have political ambitions and have taken favours from politicians. And what about all the one sided stories published in sleazy evening newspapers and TV crime reports which is not only tarnishing image of a respected doctor but also of his father who was dragged into the incident just because he is a minister? Isn’t this “trial by media”? How come you are silent on the basic journalistic ethics of covering both side of the story? Or is that not applicable when the offending party is self styled journalists themselves?

What is interesting (but not surprising to us given that we have already unearthed the links – to be published soon here) is that the prestigious newspaper like The Hindu employs people like Ganesh Prabhu (The Hindu Udupi Reporter) and Jaideep Shenoy who are still supporting fake journalists Umesh Marpally and Sijith – who have been arrested and charged for entering Emergency Room and taking nude pictures of patients and obstructing doctor from performing emergency procedures and of course destroying evidence which we have covered.


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