“Arrest warrant for doctor” screams the eveninger and readers laugh at these “fake journalists” biting bread thrown by a known insurance fraud laywer

Here is another example of journalism reaching its nadir in Coastal Karnataka and why it is important for genuine journalists to stand up and protest against their profession’s name being misused by blackmailers masquerading as journalists. 

One anonymous mailer gleefully mailed to say that “Arrest warrant has been issued for doctor”. Umm, on digging further it appears warrant is for years old insurance case being fought in the court by insurance companies and victims and the doctor is merely a witness as he treated the victim involved.

Thousands of doctors all over the countrywho work in Emergency Room and operate on accident patients go to courts every day in India as witness to inform on medical treatment they provided to patient. And most of them do not make it to court on time because they are dealing with scheduled operations or get involved in urgent lifesaving operations in the hospitals – so it is fairly routine for courts to send repeated notices to doctors and ask them to appear in the court.

In other words, this is not really new to medical faternity who treat accident victims.

In this case lawyer is Premaraj Kini – a lawyer in Udupi known for filing fake cases to get insurance money. At least genuine journalists would have found out how Premraj Kini was caught for insurance fraud himself!

As a swimmer lost in the sea clutching on a straw to save himself, evening newspapers of Coastal Karnataka yet again show their ignorance by publishing a provocative headline and become laughing stock yet again. Not that they have any credibility to begin with. As we reported earlier most of them are run by blackmailers who use journalism as a tool to make themselves rich.

And intelligent people of Coastal Karnataka know it – as bundles and bundles of evening newspapers are sold to raddi at the end of the day with most of them not even opened.

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4 Comments on ““Arrest warrant for doctor” screams the eveninger and readers laugh at these “fake journalists” biting bread thrown by a known insurance fraud laywer”

  1. Girish Mattu Says:

    I admire your efforts in exposing these people. However why give credibility to evening newspapers? As you yourself stated no decent people read it nowadays and those who read it buy it to kill time.

    Why give discredited lawyers like Premraj Kini any exposure? Everyone in Udupi knows and laughs about him and his links with Hitendra Prasad.

  2. Udupi Patrakarta Says:

    While I admire you exposing corrupt journalists, painting all journalists of Udupi as some sort of fools supporting pervert people is not correct.

    I am ashamed of how Udupi Press Club which started with good ideas has not become. We all were forced to become member after paying membership fees. Already there are murmurs about how press club money is being spent.

    Most of the things you have published are not real surprise for us journalists in Udupi, but it is good that you have exposed corrupt elements within us on the Internet. And for that, I salute you.

    I don’t want to put my name – if I put my name next day name will be out there on Hitendra’s papers.

  3. Salim Pilikula Says:

    You are giving way too much importance to what is published in evening newspapers!

    Evening newspaper reporters are at the bottom the shit pile and no one considers them real journalists.

  4. Mangalore Ortho Says:

    the eveningers have added stigma to the routine work of orthopaedic surgeons. any orthopaedic surgeon worth his salt would receive at least 50 summons, 5 warrants for evidence related cases in the court in a year. if the eveningers add stigma to these activities DOCTORS MAY STOP TREATING MEDICOLEGAL CASES. who suffers then?
    also point of concern is an important document like warrant leaking to the lay press…are there people in the judicial machinery to do this job…WHAT IS THE NEXUS???

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