How Nambiar and gang made Temple Administration a laughing stock

Those who have followed this blog’s coverage of corrupt journalist like Mohanchandran Nambiar (Times of India Udupi reporter) can relate to this cartoon. It is a shame that corrupt politically ambitious people like Nambiar have made a serious matter of administering temple a laughing stock. These people who misused god’s money – how can we even trust them in reporting?

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* Our initial post on Nambiar’s involvement in Kollur temple Golden Chariot scam and how Nambiar is trying to pressurize government by indirectly dragging district in-charge minister to journalists arrest (for taking naked photos of patients inside Emergency Ward)

* Karnataka State Accountant General report (Udupipressvictim blog exclusive) on how Times of India Udupi Reporter Mohan Nambiar is involved in multi-crore Kollur temple scan and how he has built a palace in Manipal.


Watchout for another exclusive again on Mohan Chandran Nambiar – his palatial house NANDANAM – who built it? who funded it? how is it linked to multi-crore Kollur Temple auditorium construction scam? what is Nambiar’s relationship with contractor of Kollur temple auditorium?

And the much awaited photos of Nambiar’s massive home built from illgotten money – NANDANAM!

(And before someone says we are getting too personal – freedom of press sir! Afterall Nambiar and his gang is supporting two perverts who even today do not have any press ID and were taking pictures of naked patients inside the hospital)


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