Emerging nexus between bad press and a fraudulent lawyer Alevoor Premraj Kini

As we reported in the earlier post, corrupt elements of Udupi press are now resorting to hiring external help in their crusade against medical community. When we investigated further on this lawyer Alevoor Premaraj Kini we unearthed several interesting facts. So it is no wonder that Alevoor Premraj Kini has been hired by unscrupulous elements of Udupi press to protect their brethren who were caught taking naked photos of patients inside the hospital and arrested by police.


Alevoor Premraj Kini– well known in Udupi legal circles as a “fraud lawyer” has lot of history. Let us just say insurance company lawyers know a lot more about Premraj Kini. This fraudulent lawyer is almost on the verge of losing his bar membership. Watch this space as we uncover the links between all these shady characters.

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2 Comments on “Emerging nexus between bad press and a fraudulent lawyer Alevoor Premraj Kini”

  1. Damodar Salian Says:

    Looks like all “dusta koota” have come together. Bring more scams of “dusta koota” of the society too in this blog.

  2. Siddarth Yeyyadi Says:

    What a freaky face..please warn us before posting such sick photos!

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