UDUPI PRESS CLUB funds used for legal fees of perverts Umesh Marpally and Sijith

Udupi Press Club funds misused to bailout perverts Umesh Marpally and Sijith

Just when we thought Udupi Press Club has reached its bottom in terms of credibility with their support of perverts Umesh Marpally and Sijith who are not even full fledged members, yet another scam has hit this organisation.

Udupi Press Club funds were used for legal fees to bailout perverts Umesh Marpally and Sijith – who were accused and arrested for taking naked photos of patients inside Kasturba Hospital Manipal Emergency Room and threatening and disturbing duty doctors who were busy with emergency treatment.

(see our earlier posts on this: Umesh Marpally and Sijith arrested, Udupi Journalists Hall of Shame – Umesh Marpally and Sijith arrested, Documentary proof of Umesh Marpally and Sijith destroying evidence in hospital photo incident)

If Udupi Press Club was just another private organisation with members pitching in the money, we would not have published this at all. But it is not – considering Udupi Press Club uses more than one government resources.

  • UDUPI PRESS CLUB is housed in a government facility– Udupi Board High School.
  • Furniture for Udupi Press Club was provided by Syndicate Bank (again a Government of India undertaking)

In other words, us tax payers are paying for Udupi Press Club.

While we understand that Udupi Press Club is already a divided house in this legal fees issue where thousands of rupees were spent to bailout Umesh Marpally and Sijith, what is disturbing is public money is being wasted on an organisation which openly supports its members arrested for taking nude photos of patients inside the hospital.

If you are a taxpayer in Udupi, here is what you can do:

  • Write to your local representatives: District-in-charge minister Acharya, Local MLA Ragupathi Bhat asking them to withdraw all government support to Udupi Press Club
  • Write to Udupi District Commissioner asking why government facility is provided to an organisation whose members were arrested for criminal activity
  • Write to Udupi Police SP– as Udupi Press Club’s existence inside Board Highschool is already a nuisance to students there and has potential to create law and order situation with reporters, especially evening newspaper reporters known for eve-teasing are members of this dubious Udupi Press Club. (See our earlier report on journalists of Udupi and Udupi Channel’s Sijith harassing students at End Point Manipal)
  • You can also write to President of Karnataka Union for Working Journalists V.Venkatesh and let him know how an organisation he inaugurated hardly few months back has now been hijacked by bunch of blackmailers masquerading as journalists. You can also urge him to derecognise this organisation and withdraw all funding from the state.


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4 Comments on “UDUPI PRESS CLUB funds used for legal fees of perverts Umesh Marpally and Sijith”

  1. Damodar Salian Says:

    It is pity that udupi press club don’t have it’s own office and they are misusing government property. DC must take immediate action to vacate the press club from board high school

  2. David Innanje Says:

    Journalists are used to free perks and I guess Udupi journalists are no different. Earlier when we call them for pressconference they used to get free coffeee and goli baje, but now they expect envelope.

    In Independent India probably there is no other profession that has fallen as badly as journalism.

    David Innanje, Retd journalist, Mumbai

  3. Ananthakrishna Kedalaya Says:

    My colleague pointed me to this blog. I am impressed with your persistence in exposing these worthless journalists.

    These days every profession requires a degree, but to be a journalist you don’t need anything! So is it any surprise that only those who could not pass SSLC, PUC now become journalists? We have a severe crisis but as internet gains print media may just disappear. I hope those days come soon and the evening newspapers just die.

  4. syam Says:

    Most of the Journalists of udupi are pigs. Whenever they go to pressmeet they dont eat at home. They fill their stomach at the cost of hosts and in return they write the two line news in their papers. What real journalists are doing? why they are not protesting these perverts? Instead why they are supporting these idiots?

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