Welcome Karavali Ale readers to this blog!

Welcome Karavali Ale readers!

And, before we forget – thanks Karavali Ale for mentioning us in your Editorial and newsreports and driving people to this site in big numbers so that they can get other side of the story! We are surprised and honoured that you have sent so many visitors to this blog.

One big correction though – no, this blog is not being shut down per Karavali Ale’s news report and no, we are not associated in any manner with any politicians.

This blog is an independent blog setup to expose corrupt media, especially evening newspapers of Coastal Karnataka and to fight for people rights, especially patient privacy inside the hospitals.

Dear Karavali Ale readers – to make your visit to this blog most productive, you can start with these posts:

Hope your visit is fruitful! As we said this blog is not going anywhere, so bookmark us or just type “Udupi journalists” in Google.Watch this space as we uncover and expose corrupt, unethical and pervert elements posing as journalists in Coastal Karnataka.

Remember, today they tried to take naked photograph of patients inside Emergency Room. And if you don’t fight, tomorrow they will be taking naked photograph of you or your family inside your own home and blackmail you by threatening to publish those photos in their evening newspapers.

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