Convicted pervert Hitendra Prasad Udupi's Hai Maruta steals content from this blog!

It is said that “Imitation is the best form of flattery”.

But we are not sure that a peeta patrike like HAI MARUTA (published in Udupi by convicted blackmailer Hitendra Prasad and employer of Umesh Marpally – who was arrested for taking photos of naked patients inside Kasturba Hospital Manipal), stealing content from this blog and publishing it (with horrible translation, one must add) is something we need to be proud of!

Heck, HAI MARUTA even did not get our blog address correct!But they are excused as HAI MARUTA is run by professional blackmailers rather than professional journalists.

But readers of HAI MARUTAare smarter than its publishers – because curious visitors after reading about the blog in HAI MARUTA are visiting this blog in big numbers.

So a big WELCOME ALL HAI MARUTA READERS! Enjoy your stay and make sure to read all our earlier posts which exposes corrupt journalists of Coastal Karnataka.


Convicted pervert blackmailer Hitendra Prasad's Hai Maruta steals contents from this blog!

HAI MARUTA’s latest edition has copied content and photos from UDUPIPRESSVICTIM blog!


While at it, make sure to read this news report about extortion charge against Hitendra Prasad where Hitendra Prasad demanded 50,000 Rupees from a Mangalore real estator.

Here is summary as published in THE HINDU: The Mangalore East (Kadri) police have registered a case of extortion against Hithendra Prasad, editor of Hai Marutha, a local newspaper. Police stated that the accused had reportedly demanded Rs. 50,000 from Siraj Ahmed, a real estate proprietor, failing which he threatened to publish articles defaming him. The Mangalore (East) Circle Police Inspector, T. Kodandarama is investigating the case. 

If you or someone who you know is harassed by Hitendra Prasad send us the email at udupipressvictim@gmail.com or contact Udupi District Police SP directly at spudupi@gmail.com

One of Hitendra Prasad’s old friends have mailed us some photographs taken by Hitendra during his “tsunami joy ride”. Hitendra Prasad’s supposed photographic trip to take tsunami aftermath photos, ended up in taking photographs of lot of other things as well – watch this space as we uncover yet another reason why Umesh Marpally was forced by Hitendra Prasad to take photographs inside the hospital.

Was Umesh Marpally forced by Hitendra to take naked photos of patients? Why did Hitendra rush to take photos of tsunami victims in hospitals? Does Hitendra have some mental illness resulting in these abnormal behaviour of taking photos of patients and dead bodies inside the hospitals? Read how other genuine journalists of Udupi have distanced themselves from Hitendra Prasad and he is now isolated after he was exposed. Developing story..watch this space for exclusive interview with Hitendra Prasad’s ex-buddies.


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  1. Damodar Salian Says:

    Hitendra is big kadeema…I’m wondering how he became journalist.. Please publish more coward acts and about this day light thief of udupi called Hitendra…

  2. Geethanjali Says:

    Just heard Hitendra Prasad days ended.

    What an ending for a person who in the grab of journalist harassed countless people of Udupi and Mangalore. Students of Manipal and Nitte can now live in peace free from Hai Marutha and Hitendra Prasad’s third rate journalism.

    I know B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale group had written regularly against Vijaya Kirana and Hai Marutha. I wonder if he is had supari on Hitendra?

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