Sanjevani false news - Srirama Divana pulling news from the air. What is Editorial board doing?

SANJEVANI – whose Bangalore Edition is one of the first Internet eveningers and one of the first Indian newspaper to have Podcast is now in the news for all the wrong reasons.

SANJEVANI’s Mangalore Edition has now been exposed for publishing completely false storieswhich makes one wonder if its Udupi reporter is simply pulling news out of the air and why is SANJEVANI’s Editorial Board publishing such false news reports.


EXHIBIT I: SANJEVANI Mangalore Edition becomes laughing stock in front of the whole world

When two perverts posing as journalists were kicked out of hospital in Manipal, Sanjevani’s Mangalore Edition published that Congress MLA Abhayachandra Jain raised the issue in Karnataka State Assembly. We have gone through all the proceedings of Karnataka State Assembly Monsoon Session and found that this never happened! Only Sanjevani published this news and became a laughing stock in front of the whole world as also carried the same news!

EXHIBIT II: Court warrant for doctor

Court warrant to be a witness in an insurance case involving doctor was published by Sanjevani as doctor’s arrest is imminent and it is some kind of breaking news. Of course Sanjevani published it as if it is connected to the incident in Manipal where two journalists tried to take photographs inside Emergency Room and were kicked out by medical and security staff. We covered this earlier in this post. Yet again Sanjevani becomes a laughing stock in front of the whole world.

EXHIBIT III:Sanjevani continues to publish false and ill-informed reports

Reporter’s ignorance is all evident in this report. Anyone in Medical field who treats accident victims is called by courts to be a witness. Everyday doctors all over the country go to court and give witness. But such mundane process is a hot news for Sanjevani worthy to be published on their Internet site read by people all over the world? What kind of editorial controls does such obviously false and dumb reports pass before being published on Sanjevani’s site?

While we know that “letter head” journalist activist Srirama Divana supplies such reports to almost all eveningers of Coastal Karnataka, why is a reputed eveninger like Sanjevani read by Kannadigas all over the world publish such blatant false stories pulled out of the air by “for-rent-activist” Srirama Divana.

On last count Srirama Divana is office bearer in FOURTEEN organisations, well at least on the letterheads. May be he is so busy selling himself for all kind of causes that he has no other option but to pull news out of the air?It must be stressful fighting all those causes while he is not supporting Naxals, so all he can do is send fictitious news for publishing.

But citizens of Udupi wonder why is Sanjevani falling into his trap?

It is sad to see Sanjevani going the way of other peeta patrikes in Coastal Karnataka. What a fall for a great eveninger whose Bangalore Edition is still considered one of the best eveninger in the country.


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  1. H. Prasad Says:

    Srirama diwana is another junkie journalist in our district. Does not have any work, just to make, create news out of nothing. It is sad that such a reputed paper like sanjevani is publishing all false reports submitted by fake journalist diwana. These type of journalists are harmful to society, please publish more scams of Sriram diwana and his company of fake journalists.

  2. Srikanth Devadiga Says:

    I was looking for my old classmates and found this site when I searched for Rama Divana. I did not know he is a journalist now! I was his classmate and even then he used to good in writing fiction, so may be he is continuing his fiction writing now as a selfstyled reporter. Last heard Rama Diwana’s family has disowned him after his links with naxals became public.

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