KARAVALI ALE EDITORIAL ABOUT THIS BLOG:Open challenge to B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale

UPDATE MARCH 3, 2007 – Karavali Ale Editor B.V.Seetharam arrested by police. Click here for more details. 

Karavali Ale Corrupt journalist B.V.Seetharam

Another Editorial in Karavali Ale about this blog! Wah, we are impressed how Karavali Ale continues to provide free publicity to this blog and how upset B.V.Seetharam is now that someone has exposed him. (It is funny how Karavali Ale does not have guts to publish this blog’s address though! But its readers are smarter than its editors – they Google and come to this blog!)

But as usual B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale group has again got it all wrong in his editorial. Or did we touch a sensitive spot when we exposed Karavali Ale’s false claims and blackmailing tactics? (see here for article on how reporters of evening newspaper collected 50,000 Rupees from an auto-showroom in Udupi)

First, B.V.Seetharam claims this blog is published by minister Acharya. We have stated who we Peoples Rights Group (click) and Pragatipara Patrakartara Vedike (click) are.  It is sad that B.V.Seetharam has dubbed our efforts as that of some politician. But again it is not surprising he is very upset with this blog for exposing him and Karavali Ale openly to the world – but he has got his target all wrong (as usual)

We openly challenge B.V.Seetharam to prove his claim that blog is being run by some politicians. This blog has nothing to do with any minister or political party – instead all we are fighting for is peoples rights and protest blackmailing self styled journalists of Coastal Karnataka. Readers of this blog are aware how we have provided ample proof on all the claims we made about corrupt journalists.

Second,isn’t it ironic that Seetharam got so upset reading our blog that he has to drag some journalist of Udupi as the source for this blog and badmouths the said journalist? Without going into debate on who our sources are, let us just say that we receive tips from all kind of sources including people within Karavali Ale group! As we mentioned earlier we have touched only tip of the iceberg.

Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana are together in blackmail and corruption!Third,isn’t it odd that Karavali Ale – who badmouthed and wrote horrible things about other eveninger Vijaya Kirana and Hitendra Prasad for more than three months is now claiming to be fighting for journalists? How come the sudden love for Umesh Marpally – the pervert photographer arrested for taking naked photographs of patients inside the hospital – is photographer for Vijaya Kirana. Or do we have to conclude that when it comes to blackmailing all eveningers of Coastal Karnataka are in it together?

Finally,it is interesting that B.V.Seetharam again passes verdict on the patient privacy and decency incident (where two self styled journalists without any ID took photos of naked patients inside the hospital) – he is selfstyled victim, police, judiciary all in one! May be we should just abandon all our democratic institutions and install Karaval Ale and B.V.Seetharam as Chief Minister, Chief Justice, Chief Army commander of Coastal Karnataka!

This is again an open challenge to Karavali Ale and B.V.Seetharam – do not think you can shutdown this blog by attacking us.Freedom of speech is not a one way street and not the sole domain of eveningers like Karavali Ale.

Watch this space as we provide more proof on Karavali Ale’s blackmailing and corrupt tactics and how unethical blackmailing journalism practiced by Karavali Ale is danger to the society. We received several emails after we exposed Karavali Ale earlier – and we will be publishing letters written by victims of Karavali Ale after verifying the stories.

Meanwhile send mails to udupipressvictim@gmail.com if you were harassed or blackmailed by B.V.Seetharam or his band of highschool dropout reporters.


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10 Comments on “KARAVALI ALE EDITORIAL ABOUT THIS BLOG:Open challenge to B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale”

  1. Raghav Shetty Says:

    Just interview hotel owners of Mangalore and you can fill this blog for months about how B.V.Seetharam personally collects thousands of rupees from them by blackmailing about child labour.

  2. Sumith Sequeira Says:

    Good going brother…more power to you. I also suggest documenting and sending all your evidence to press council. Not that it will help considering BVSee and Karavali Ale already have so many complaints filed by Karavali Ale’s victims.

  3. H. Prasad Says:

    Seetharam of karavali ale is a third rate thinker and an evil journalist of the society. It is good that he is promoting this blog. Please expose more of evil Seetharam. I think all bunch of fake journalists are scared of this blog as this blog exposes all the great deeds of those bunch of blackmailing journalists. Pleaase expose more on Seetharam’s background and who is funding his newspaper.

  4. Cha Parka Says:

    Till few days back Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana were fighting with each other like dogs. Now when someone is exposing them they are together!

    Seetharam has made lot of money by threatening to publish derogatory article on industrialists, politicians. May be Acharya asked Karavali Ale to go to hell when Seetharam asked money from Acharya?

  5. mark Says:

    hi there…

    i just got the news that…mr.itendra had been klled in an encounter…in udupi..

    this is karma i guess…if u do good…good comes to u ..n bad…bad comes to u..

    i guess many ppl wil have a peace of mind…from now on..n its lesson for few more who stilll …paln to cont…this type of journelisim…….

    keep up ur good work….

  6. rai Says:

    One evil gone, will the others realise now that if you do bad there will get in return? It was disgrace in the name journalism to have papers like karavali ale and viajay kirana. They were mere entertainment paper. Its shame that educated coastal karnatka still have to live with pshycos like these..

    Good job Blogger!!


    I know this B.V.Seetharam.He is another or rather a sophistcated yellow journalist like the dreaded one we had earlier in that infamous”AMRITHA” editor BHATTA.Seetharam is just a conduit for some political party and some miniority community particularly the muslims and dead against the chrstian and konkani community.This itself reveals what kind of a person he is.leave alone his other conspiracies.He is angry with the christians becasuee they brought out some daily news papaer.Why seetharam is angry on the Konkani s is because he is angry on Manipal group .He thinks his business will be in doldrums.There is nothing more to add as this man is surely extracting money from the helpless and gullible people.sure such people will have the most pathetic end.Time to call this Seetharam a sophisticated extortionist.

  8. mahesh Says:

    Dear blogger,
    what you have written on karavali journalists is right. i really do not know what will be the state of the society if they read such news papers every day. every day they search for blood bath and some sort of communal tension. as all of us know the media played a dangerous role in the initiation of riots in gujarath. let us hope that same is not repeated here!!!

  9. Ganesh Says:

    Karavali Ale and co evening newspapers are of the standards of Lankesh Patrike which attracts one class of readers who believe that all that published in newspapers are true.This is the easy way of making money in the name of journalism.

  10. The ethics of journalism has been murdered these days. Every politicians, self-styled activists are running tons of newsprint for nothing. PCI and RNI should look into it.

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