BANTWAL – KARAVALI ALE REPORTER CHEATS DOCTOR? Another reason for mandatory ID card for journalists

From SANJEVANI July 27th Edition:

Karavali Ale Reporter cheats doctor in Bantwal

In yet another case of harassment by self styled journalists, an evening newspaper reporter cheats a doctor in Bantwal!

As we have reported earlier in this blog, it appears anyone can now claim to be a journalist in Coastal Karnataka and go on cheating and blackmailing spree. Some people like B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale group have built a lucrative business model based on blackmailing, so is it a surprise that younger reporters are also resorting to same tactics?

This again illustrates the need for proper identification and accreditation for journalists, especially in Coastal Karnataka where running evening newspaper has become a very attractive business proposition – with literally no investment one can become rich overnight. This is also needed so that genuine journalists can do their job without being doubted and abused by general public who already have a very dim view of journalists in Coastal Karnataka. Otherwise, incidents like cheating doctors, going inside emergency room to take photos of naked patients will continue. It is high time authorities establish a mechanism through which genuine journalists are given ID card.

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One Comment on “BANTWAL – KARAVALI ALE REPORTER CHEATS DOCTOR? Another reason for mandatory ID card for journalists”

  1. Janardhan Shetty Says:

    I agree with the blogger. Also before giving ID card Goverment must conduct strict background check of the journalist and also IQ test and general knowledge test/PCI guidelines test. If they clear all the written tests then there must be face to face interview with ID issuing authority.

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