CONVICTED BLACKMAILER, FAKE JOURNALIST HITENDRA PRASAD JOINING ZEE TV? Why is ZEE TV hiring a criminal who should feature on Crime news rather than report for it?

 ***UPDATE AUGUST 2006***: To visitors who landed here searching for Hitendra Prasad after his murder: Click here for detailed account on that and also click here to return to home page of this blog where we have exposed other fake journalists of Udupi Mangalore******

Udupi rowdy blackmailing journalist Hitendra Prasad joining ZEE TV to expand his blackmailing businessWe earlier reported on colourful background of Hitendra Prasad – owner editor of a sleazy tabloid “HAI MARUTA”. (click here for earlier story) and employer of Umesh Marpally who was arrested for taking photos of naked patients inside the hospital Emergency Room.

Now it appears this convicted criminal with extensive blackmailing history is aiming big. We have received a tip indicating this well known blackmailer in the grab of journalist Hitendra Prasad is joining Zee TV and Hitendra Prasad is boasting among his friends how he will expand his blackmail journalism to national level.

Every small company nowadays does background checking and screening before hiring someone. So we are surprised how ZEE TV appears to have skipped even the basics before hiring someone as notorious as Hitendra Prasad.

As a small town rowdy Hitendra Prasad used to ask people for Rs.50,000. With ZEE TV we are sure that his asking rate for blackmail will reach Lakhs of rupees.

For example, THE HINDU Mangalore Edition reported earlier one of Hitendra Prasad’s extortion:


The Mangalore East (Kadri) police have registered a case of extortion against Hithendra Prasad, editor of Hai Marutha, a local eveninger. Police stated that the accused had reportedly demanded Rs. 50,000 from Siraj Ahmed, a real estate proprietor, failing which he threatened to publish articles defaming him. The Mangalore (East) Circle Police Inspector, T. Kodandarama is investigating the case

ZEE TV with its nationwide reach may do well to do some thorough background checking of Hitendra Prasad before offering him any role lest its decision comes back to haunt ZEE TV. Hitendra Prasad known for extorting thousands of rupees from his blackmailing victims in Coastal Karnataka may turn out to be a nationall level menace. How can ZEE TV be so naive to hire a well known rowdysheeter and criminal Hitendra Prasad?

They need not go far – they can just ask Police Departments of Udupi and Mangalore and see how many criminal cases are pending against Hitendra Prasad related to rowdy, blackmailing and criminal activities.

Or they can read some editions of eveninger “KARAVALI ALE” to see what Hitendra Prasad’s fellow journalist B.V.Seetharam says about him.

We request all concerned citizens of Coastal Karnataka who are victims of Hitendra Prasad to write directly to ZEE TV. You can email your thoughts along with this blog’s address to,,,,, and tell them why hiring a known criminal professional blackmailer Hitendra Prasad will only other criminal elements in Coastal Karnataka to take blackmailing as a full-time profession.

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3 Comments on “CONVICTED BLACKMAILER, FAKE JOURNALIST HITENDRA PRASAD JOINING ZEE TV? Why is ZEE TV hiring a criminal who should feature on Crime news rather than report for it?”

  1. Janardhan Shetty Says:

    If Zee TV is hiring him as its crime reporter then it will be biggest mistake by Zee TV. It is very sad that a criminal himself is being hired by prestigious national TV channel.
    All of responsible citizens of Udupi and coastal karnataka must wtite to Zee Tv exposing the true face of Hitendra “The Great Blackmailer of Coastal Karnataka”

  2. Nithin Poojary Says:

    Was Hitendra Prasad murdered by Karavali Ale group?????

  3. Rahul Yadav Says:

    RIP Hitendra Prasad – looks like your deeds caught up with you.

    Ironic Hitendra ended up dying in the same hospital whose doctors and nurses were target of his blackmail journalism..

    I think police should not get sidetracked and investigate if B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale had any role in this incident..

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