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UDUPI MANGALORE YELLOW JOURNALISM EFFECT:Need a new newspaper just to publish “clarifications”!

August 29, 2006

News paper just to publish clarifications!

Citizens of Udupi Mangalore have observed a recent trend in media here. Daily there are dozens of “clarifications” advertisement issued by individuals, organisations on one issue or the other – all because some blackmailing journalist had tarnished their name by publishing false stories in a newspaper or TV report.

In other words, newspaper “A” publishes a story about an individual or organisation. Since Udupi Mangalore journalists don’t follow any journalistic ethics to publish corrections even when they have published incorrect reports, these poor individuals end up paying for clarification advertisement to be published in newspaper “B” and so on.

At the end who is winning here? You guessed it right – all newspapers as they get to publish advertisements one way or the other! And the normal citizens whose name is tarnished already, end up paying the same newspaper to publish clarifications to clear their name.

Even TV channels are not behind in this tactic. In some cases voices are dubbed with video footage showing innocent individuals – and the poor individuals end up giving clarification in the form of “advertisement” to newspapers.

At the rate which we have seen increase in number of “spasteekaranas” being published in response to some false report in a newspaper, a day may soon arrive where someone will start a newspaper which is dedicated just to publish “spasteekaranas“!

But what these blackmailers don’t realise is that in the long run they are spoiling the name of all newspapers and journalists. Already citizens mock journalists and don’t believe what is published in the newspapers and these sleazy journalists are not helping their cause either by their continued false reporting.

Any suggestions on a name for such newspaper? “Clarification Express”? “Spasteekarana Vaani“? “Sarvajanika Prakatane Ale“? Post your ideas in comments!


August 26, 2006

Why are intellectuals silent on corrupt media of Udupi Mangalore?

There are no dearth of intellectuals (self-styled included) in Udupi and Mangalore districts. They can be seen daily on numerous debates, protest marchs on wide spectrum of issues like economic policy, WTO, environment policy, industrial policy, Iraq War etc.  

There are “intellectual” columnists, Professors who give unsolicited advice to whole world on all these issues and more. (though Udupi and Mangalore are now in the grips of anti-developmental mafia funded by rich foreign NGOs – that is for another topic)

Intellectuals and columnists running out of ink in Coastal Karnataka when it comes to sleazy journalism?But when in-the-face blackmail, unethical, corrupt journalism is eclipsing daily lives of citizens in Udupi and Mangalore and contributing to increase in criminal activities in society, isn’t it the responsibility of intellectuals and opinion makers in Udupi and Mangalore to step in and explore what is going on with the media here? Or at least support those who are trying to fight against these unethical media?

What exactly are these intellectuals, columnists, editors are afraid of?

In general it is sad to see Udupi, Mangalore known as “buddivantara jille” with educated population turning a blind eye to corrupt, sleazy, yellow journalism mafia gripping our districts. Journalists running arrack shop and matkha dens, taking photos of naked patients in emergency room, taking bribes from truck owners to write favourable articles and put pressure on district administration, taking photos and videos of victims of assault victims instead of showing basic human decency to help, encouraging mob behaviour to get a good photo / videoshoot, thriving blackmail industry to harass businesses and people alike, harassing people in the name of “freedom of press” – if these warning signs are not enough to make likes of Rajashekaras, Bhaskar Raos, Kamaths and Pais to take notice of the problem we don’t know what is.


OPPORTUNISTIC UDUPI MANGALORE MEDIA:Journalists who used rowdy Hitendra when he was alive now change plate and portray Hitendra as villain

August 26, 2006

People now writing bad about Hitendra kept silent and submitted to his demands when he was alive

As we watched Udaya TV’s coverage on Hitendra Prasad last night, we had to wonder – where were all these people talking endlessly about a dead man when he was alive?

Except for this Blog ( and B.V.Seetharam of Karavali AleGroup, not one among media fraternity had stood up against Hitendra Prasad when he was alive – instead Udupi press corps was taken for a ride by Hitendra in many issues – including the Manipal Hospital incident where false complaints were filed against medical staff instead of the offending media (one of them – Umesh Marpally whom we have exposed here – being associate of Hitendra). Now the same people go on and on about what a horrible man Hitendra was.

For example, we posted weeks ago in this blog about Hitendra Prasad here and here. B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale on his part had written about Hitendra menace for months. Also for all his faults, B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale deserves kudos for standing up against Hitendra when he was alive.

But the likes of Balakrishna Kakatkar of Udaya TV and local media who hobnobbed with Hitendra when he was alive, now portray the same Hitendra as devil. Some newspapers and weekly newspapers are writing pages on Hitendra now that he is not around. This in our opinion is cowardly behaviour.

If this is not opportunistic journalism what is? One really has to wonder if it is better to have enemies than these corrupt Udupi Mangalore journalists as friends.

Only this blog (and Karavali Ale) exposed Hitendra Prasad during his life. We are proud that we were able to fight against his blackmail sleazy journalism while other mass media and journalists stood silent or worse, used Hitendra Prasad to achieve their agenda.


Updated Aug 27 to add: Along with Udaya TV Crime News, NAMMA TV‘s FIR programme joins the ranks of Hitendra Prasad’s bashsers after he is dead. Bashing someone after he is dead – heights of opportunistic media or pure cowardism?



August 26, 2006

Hai Maruta being relaunched by Suresh Hebri?

Blood stains in the gutters of Manipal where Hitendra Prasad begged for life for more than an hour has not yet dried – but our sources indicate that plans to bring back his newspaper “Hai Maruta” by his chelas Suresh Hebri, Durgaprasad Kadiyali etc is in full swing.

In a clear signal that when it comes to blackmail journalism there is no letup, “Hai Maruta” in a new avatar but with same blackmailing content is all set to hit the newstands. Thus sending a clear signal to citizens and police alike that underground blackmail journalism still rules in Udupi.

Predictably, latest issue of “Hai Maruta” cover page is said to feature murdered rowdy Hitendra Prasad.

Suresh Hebri– a small time rowdy posing as journalist – famous for being forced to copy day’s newspaper line by line by a pencil into a copy book fully naked – during one of the Udupi underground’s bizarre episodes, is the brain behind the current “Hai Maruta”. Even when Hitendra Prasad was alive Suresh Hebri was the actual writer who identified targets and blackmailed them with the help of Hitendra Prasad.

Foreign unlicensed revolver in posession of Suresh Hebri

Eyewitnesses in Manipal murder scene say Suresh Hebri was seen pulling the unlicensed foreign pistol (like the one pictured on left) from Hitendra Prasad when he lay in the gutter. This pistol is still unaccounted for – and now Suresh Hebri has openly challenged Udupi District administration that he will continue his guru Hitendra Prasad’s blackmail tactics.

It is indeed interesting that Suresh Hebri – prime witness in Hitendra Prasad murder scene and who some say may have a role in Hitendra’s murder due to internal disagreements with Hitendra – has been let away so easily by police. Police have acknowledged that Suresh Hebri’s complaint contained many false information intentionally to sidetrack the investigation.

There is no doubt that false rumours to sidetrack investigation into the murder will be spread using Hai Maruta. 

It will be interesting to see if Udupi district administration will act now on this new development or wait till there is more blood in the gutters of Udupi Manipal.


KUDOS TO UDUPI MANIPAL POLICE : Excellent detective work by cops results in prompt arrest of Hitendra Prasad murder suspects

August 25, 2006

Excellent and swift action by Udupi and Manipal police led by dynamic SP of Udupi Dr.Subramanyeshawara Rao in arresting “rowdy scribe” Hitendra Prasad’s murderers deserves appreciation.

Udupi District SP Dr.Subramanyeshwara RaoDr.Subramanyeshwara Rao (left), who was only posted recently as Udupi District SP has hit the ground running from day one and positive results of his leadership are already visible to common man.

All credit to all police teams, DCIB and others who have made breakthrough in the case.

Click here for more details on this arrest on Udupi District Police Blog. (opens in new window)


We understand case is far from fully cracked. While acting after an incident is fine, what is more effective is proactive action by police. By acting decisively against unethical corrupt blackmailing fake journalists of Udupi such incidents can be avoided altogether.


However some distrubing questions still remain:

* Unlicensed revolver that Hitendra Prasad carried is still missing after his murder. Same story with the bullet that was fired in Manipal. Some eyewitness on the scene have told us that revolver was taken by Hitendra Prasad’s chelas Suresh Hebri and Durgaprasad Kadiyali

* Suresh Hebri – small level rowdy was the real Editor behind Hai Maruta. And new issue of Hai Maruta under Suresh Hebri is about to hit the stands with photos of Hitendra Prasad. We have predicted earlier that supari may have been given by someone within Hitendra’s gang or Karavali Ale group. The speed with which new issue of Hai Maruta is being been published after Hitendra’s murder makes us wonder if it was indeed true. Shouldn’t police be confiscating these issues of Hai Maruta, obviously published without any authority by Suresh Hebri?

* Video of the murder taken by Rupesh Kalmadi is still unaccounted for. What exactly is in the video? Is it true that Balakrishna Kakatkar of UDAYA TV called Rupesh minutes before Hitendra Prasad was murdered and gave some specific instructions? Was Balakrishna Kakatkar – desparate for ratings – responsible for arranging and videotaping Hitendra Prasad’s murder?

And challenges of fake journalists blackmailing businessman and citizens in Udupi is still a major issue.

We in this blog have repeatedly warned about rowdies, blackmailers masquerading as journalists, so Udupi Police need to focus on fake journalists and activists before we see more Hitendra like situations on the streets of Udupi Manipal.



August 24, 2006

Liquor and Udupi journalists go together!

There are many jokes about journalists and alchohol.

But in a new low for journalists of Udupi, it turns out a liquor store in Udupi bus stand is run by a “journalist”.Side-business is fine, but running liquor and matka shops and ruining families – what kind of gutter journalism is that?

Hitendra Prasad – rowdy murdered recently – whom Ganesh Prabhu of “THE HINDU” and Subramanya Kurya of “Vijaya Karnataka” lovingly described as “Journalist” ran the liquor and matka shop (photo below) near Udupi Bus stand.

This yet again proves that we need some sort of mechanism or process to issue “journalist” tag only to genuine journalists. Real journalists of Udupi need to wake up to the reality before people start making fun of press people.(not that they aren’t already!)

Photo of Liquor shop run by a Udupi journalist in Udupi:

Unethical Udupi journalists

One can only imagine what kind of reporting these gutter journalists do when their day starts walking out drunk from their own liquor shop!

And journalists like Ganesh Prabhu of The Hindu, Subramanya Kurya of Vijaya Karnataka newspapers glorify these low level rowdies as “journalists”. What next? Compensation to Hitendra Prasad’s kin from Udupi Press Club or Karnataka Journalists Association?



August 23, 2006

Srirama Diwana wants police protection for blackmailing journalists

We have extensively reported about fake journalist and activist Srirama Diwana in this blog before. But the report by Rama Diwana in Sanjevani about the murder of his blackmailing colleague Hitendra Prasad sounds like a bad joke.

Rama Diwana – who made a career out of blackmailing Udupi police officers now wants the same police to protect him? (see Sanjevani report below).

Just as a reminder, during the “made-for-camera” AdiUdupi bettale case Rama Diwana was instrumental in causing almost a bloodbath on the roads of Udupi. Then district administration had to use all its resources to prevent a riot, but Rama Diwana still made it a state level issue embrassing Udupi District Police officials.

Here is a collection of anti-police articles published in SANJEVANI MANGALORE EDITION – most of them written by Srirama Diwana who is now begging for protection from police: (click to expand the image – opens in a new window)

Anti police articles written by Rama Diwana in Sanjevani

Same story with escalation of non-issue like Kanaka Gopura where needless tension was created in Udupi by Rama Diwana and friends. In the name of Kanaka Gopura Rakshana Samithi, Rama Diwana and friends collected lakhs of rupees from outside district people who were not aware of the fact that no gopura has been demolished in Udupi.

Sanjevani report where Rama Diwana wants protection to blackmailing fake journalists:

Rama Diwana wants protection to fake journalists

One main thing Rama Diwana and other fake journalists of Udupi fail to realise: If you had not resorted to blackmail journalism like your guru Hitendra Prasad you would not have been in such situation in gutter begging protection from the same police whom you had harassed before.

Those who practice ethical journalism need not worry, but those who resort to unethical blackmailing journalism to make quick money need to worry from their own like. See where unethical blackmail journalism took Hitendra Prasad – he lay in the gutter in front of his own “journalist” colleagues and likes of Diwana did nothing to help him.

And just like his blackmailing gurus B.V.Seetharam and Hitendra Prasad, Diwana got source of the blog wrong – saying blog is published from Timbuktu! Why is Rama Diwana blaming his current situation on this blog which exposed nefarious activities of fake journalists in Udupi and Mangalore. These blackmailers begging for protection from police is like a murderer asking protection from police.

There is still time to change for unethical blackmailing journalists of Udupi, but time is indeed running out…….watch this space.

Our earlier expose of Rama Diwana:

Rama Diwana – Journalist activist for rent. List of Rama Diwana’s letterhead organisations used for blackmailing citizens.

Sanjevani becomes laughing stock by publishing Rama Diwana’s reports

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