EXCLUSIVE – GANI KAPPA IN UDUPI:Some Udupi journalists caught on camera accepting bribes from truck owners

Journalists of Udupi caught taking bribe from truck drivers

In an unusual twist to the whole “gani kappa” or mining scandal rocking the Karnataka state, some journalists of Udupi have been caught accepting bribe from ore truck owners association.

For last one month, this blog has consistently exposed corrupt and unethical behaviour of Udupi press corps, but this latest scandal sure tops all other exposes we have done so far.

Udupi ore trucks

(SCENE OF BRIBERY SCANDAL:Trucks stopped near Udupi border – where journalists of Udupi are alleged to have taken thousands of rupees in bribe from truck owners and drivers)

While people of Udupi district have endured damage to lives and roads and finally succeeded in stopping the murderous trucks plying on National Highway, it is alleged that some journalists from Udupi were collecting money from truck drivers stopped near Shiroor border to write favourable stories on them and put pressure on district administration.

We have received bunch of photos and tapes where Udupi journalists boast how they can put pressure on police and DC and then collecting money from ore truck drivers and owners.

Udupi press taking money from truck owners

While the people of Udupi dying daily due to these trucks, some journalists of Udupi are busy collecting money from these truck drivers and write favourable stories for them and thus put pressure on district administration.

Going rates paid by truck owners to is said to be in the range of 20,000 rupees (paid to a leading Kannada daily reporter). As usual evening newspaper reporters just got leftovers – 5,000 to 8,000 rupees.

Bribe paid to Udupi press

Journalists of Udupi, already infamous and persona non grata at State Level Journalists association may now have chewed more than they can digest. It is time State Working Journalists Association focus on the corrupt journalists of Udupi and also ask publishers of these newspapers how long they can tolerate this corrupt activity of Udupi press.

We are sending all documentation, photos and tapes related to this bribery scandal to various state and central journalists associations including Karnataka Union of Working Journalists. 

If you have information on other bribes paid email udupipressvictim@gmail.com. Your identity will be kept confidential.

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3 Comments on “EXCLUSIVE – GANI KAPPA IN UDUPI:Some Udupi journalists caught on camera accepting bribes from truck owners”

  1. Hari Murthy Says:

    Wow, this is heights of corruption. What are officials and owners of these papers doing? Or are they also getting cut from their reporters?

  2. Andrew Chen Says:

    I am disheartened to read that corruption has made its way into journalism in India. I don’t understand many terms in your post, but as someone who follows corrupt media in US I found your post via Technocrati blog link. Keep up the good work.

  3. DuJi Purya Says:

    Su ji Kurya of Vijaya Karnataka was a honest reporter when I knew him earlier. Looks like the virus of corruption has hit Su Ji Kurya Udupi Reporter of Vijaya Karnataka.

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