Media Goebbels versus The Victim – UDUPI PRESS VICTIM BLOG COMPLETES ONE MONTH : Fight against invasion of patient privacy by media and fight against corrupt media of Udupi will continue…

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When we started this blog one month back to present other side of the story when media itself was part of the story in Manipal hospital incident (where two self styled media took photos of naked patients inside emergency room and local press club believed their cock and bull story. New visitors to this site click here for the summary), we did not realise about the extent to which corruption rot has set in some sections of media in Coastal Karnataka. However, the tremendous support we continue to receive from people all over Karnataka (and the world) has made us resolve only to continue this fight against corrupt and blackmailing media here in Coastal Karnataka.

People are convinced that media intrusion when it comes to privacy and dignity of individuals has reached unprecedented heights all over India. But in a good development some within media community realise the long term damage it may cause to media.


Read these interesting notes from Editor of Outlook Magazine Vinod Mehta.

Excerpts from Vinod Mehta’s introspective article: “Iworry about the Indian media. True, we journalists enjoy a privileged position, we are sought after, wooed, flattered for being a force for good in a country where the abuse of power is commonplace.Sadly, the erosion has begun. Sensationalism, hype, embarrassing self-congratulation, phoney scoops, contrived drama, breathless reporting, breaking news epidemics, have all combined to do the damage. So my real concern is for print, not TV. How can we remain uncontaminated, how can we ensure that news channel standards do not become print standards?”

If eminent journalist like Vinod Mehta is ringing warning bells, it sure is sign of impending loss of faith in media among common people who already are dismissive of media.


Coming back to this blog’s achievements during last one month, without sounding pompous we believe we have achieved many significant milestones. Fake journalists have been caught and exposed. There is a clear segregation of blackmailing journalists and other genuine journalists. There is more awareness among people on their rights when it comes to privacy – be it at their home or at hospitals. We salute all genuine journalists who have disassociated themselves from the corrupt unethical self styled journalists, some of them who are SSLC dropouts.


Corrupt Udupi journalists

But Goebbels tactic by some unethical corrupt media of Udupi and Mangalore continues. They think that publishing false stories repeatedly they can fool the public. But in an odd twist, in this attempt media themselves are getting exposed as intelligent citizens of Coastal Karnataka can see through the blackmailing tactics of media, especially evening newspapers whom we have exposed many times in the last one month. We saw this when evening newspaper published “Arrest warrant for doctor” when the actual warrant was for asking doctor to be a witness in the court – something which hundreds if not thousands of doctors in India go through!

Journalists at State and Nation level who have visited and commented on this blog, now realise and are ashamed to which journalism standards have fallen here in Udupi and Mangalore.

Big question however is, will they act now or wait till they themselves become target of sleazy journalism? Citizens of Mangalore and Udupi also wait on what steps law enforcement authorities will take to curb this unhealthy development in Coastal Karnataka.

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3 Comments on “Media Goebbels versus The Victim – UDUPI PRESS VICTIM BLOG COMPLETES ONE MONTH : Fight against invasion of patient privacy by media and fight against corrupt media of Udupi will continue…”

  1. Raghav Nambiar Says:

    Impressive site. Congratulations on completing one month. Keep up the good work.

  2. Kudla Patrakarta Says:

    I have read all posts in this blog since day one. You are doing a good job exposing these unethical people.

    You have to note that press people are in the lowest level of things now due to popularity of TV and Internet. So there is big inferiority complex among print media and their bosses are very demanding too.

    So as Vinod Mehta notes it is only time before whole media contingent becomes nothing but in the payroll of who can pay them the most.

    We are seeing only the beginning now.

    When newspapers like Vijaya Karnataka’s editors openly demand juicy stories from their reporters what can poor reporters do but harass and get some imaginary story somehow.

    Kudla Patrakarta

  3. Vasanth Shetty Perla Says:

    What a comparison!
    as a history lecturer, i really liked the copmarison you`ve made…i also note the research you have made regarding this…
    My only question is, why the journalists are not doing the “REAL JOURNALIST” job???

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