EXCLUSIVE BLOG EFFECT:KARAVALI ALE publishes article after this blog exposed evening paper reporter accepting 50,000 Rupees from an autodealer in Udupi

Karavali Ale Udupi reporter caught red handed! 

Remember the report we published on July 10th about an evening paper journalist in Udupi blackmailing auto-showroom in Udupi for 50,000 Rupees? (Click here for the original report published on July 10th)

50,000 Rupees puzzle solved! Karavali Ale accepts its reporter took money from Udupi Auto showroom

In that report we portrayed how some journalists of Udupi are resorting to blackmailing tactics and collect money for not publishing damaging reports.

It seems message has hit home.  After going through our blog, Karavali Ale decided to publish the report in its July 27th edition (this blog exposed corrupt journalist on July 10th) about the auto showroom encroaching highway margin.

Karavali Ale publishes a report after its reporter were caught by this blog!

See the photo again – it was taken during the construction of auto showroom (and not current)

Here is the sequence of events put together by our investigative reporter:

  • Evening reporter takes photo of under construction auto showroom
  • Evening paper reporter threatens auto dealer that a report will be published if they don’t pay up 50,000 Rupees
  • Money changes hands, so report is not published for a month
  • We here at UdupiPressVictim expose the corrupt reporter in our July 10th post
  • And promptly Karavali Ale publishes the report to prove it was not them! But look at the picture again – taken during construction.

So the intent of the reporter is simple and clear when he took the photo  – he just wanted to blackmail owner and take money so as to NOT publish the report before inauguration.

Now that we have caught Karavali Ale red handed in this blackmail business, as in Kannada gaade “Kumbala kai kalla andare….hegalu mutti nodi kondranthe!” – Karavali Ale publishes the report now!

We are curious how Karavali Ale owner B.V.Seetharam is going to justify this?


There is no doubt we indeed need more and more investigative journalism to expose blatant violation of law – as in this showroom case – but definitely not this type of yellow journalism practiced by some journalists of Udupi and Mangalore where aim is to collect as much money as possible from business owners. It is a different matter the journalist who took 50,000 Rupees did not keep his word and went ahead and published the article anyway after this blog exposed him. Cheating even while blackmailing! (click here to read our earlier expose on how Karavali Ale reporters blackmail restaurant owners regarding use of child labour)

As we have repeatedly published in this blog, some journalists and newspapers of Udupi and Mangalore have mastered the art of blackmail journalism and turned it into a lucrative business model.


Business owners need to realise that paying to corrupt journalist is not a one time issue. If Karavali Ale reporter is paid, Vijaya Kirana reporter will be at your door next day asking money and vice versa.


Be assured – this blog will continue to expose these corrupt elements – we are currently pursuing two hot leads where corrupt journalists of Udupi and Mangalore have been caught on video!

While some fools keep dreaming about this blog being published from USA or was it Timbuktu (we didn’t know peeta patrikes like Ale, Hai Marutha, Vijaya Kirana are sold in US!) and want this blog banned – we will continue to expose more and more sleazy corrupt Udupi journalists. Watch this space.


Meanwhile, keep sending those tips! Send email to udupipressvictim@gmail.com if you or someone you know are/were victims of any corrupt Udupi journalist.



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11 Comments on “EXCLUSIVE BLOG EFFECT:KARAVALI ALE publishes article after this blog exposed evening paper reporter accepting 50,000 Rupees from an autodealer in Udupi”

  1. Kinnara Jogi Says:

    B.V.Seetharam gets cut from his reporters – so why wouldn’t he justify his reporters. Great expose. I am impressed with your investigations. Keep publishing these stories.

  2. Rafeeq Ullal Says:

    Eeer la onji newspaper start malpule marre. Blog first class undu!

    Rafeeq, Sharjah

  3. Ronald Prakash Kumar Says:

    All evening reporters are losers. They don’t get any salary so they blackmail people. Dumb fellows don’t realise that their editors make money while these people go around begging money from people.

  4. Janardhan Bhandary Says:

    Keep up the good work. We are with you!

    Because of fake and corrupt journalists, people suspect anyone who is a journalist or activist now thinking whatever they write is cock and bull story.

    You should also write more about fake activism that has gripped both coastal districts. Everyone is after foreign money so daily there is one or other protest.

  5. Nithin Bhandari Says:

    BV Seetharam is a man without any ethics..his only aim is to collect money by harassing people.
    I’m not sure what you call it? May be blackmail journalism. I’m very much impressed with this blog. I was about to arrange some function at udupi and now I’m not impressed with udupi press people. So now I’ve changed the function venue to Bangalore. Bangalore press people are better. Atleast they maintain some ethics in journalism.
    Keep up the good work and expose more and more corrupt journalists in front of public. I know few friends in mangalore who have been harassed by Seetharam and company. I’ll send you more details in an e-mail so that you can publish in this useful blog.

  6. P K Shetty Says:

    It is very heartening to note that at least there is one form of media which is exposing all the corrupt element. Kepp up the good work.

    These days blackmailing by these so called pseudo-journalist is growing like weeds in costal karnataka comparable to kidnapping in Bihar and it is absolutely necessary to root out this menace for a healthy society. With the mainstream media shying away from exposing these black sheeps in the guise of jurno-faternity, it is the responsibility of each and every member of the society to oppose these elements with all the means available and in that sense I am very happy to see your blog making all the right noise.

    I have some very explosive materials about these corrupt eveningers from m’lore, which I will be sending to you. I got a very cold response when I approached some of the mainstream media. I hope at least you will publish these materials as is.

  7. Sushilendra Adyapadi Says:

    I think Udupi Press Club should investigate this incident in the interest of whole journalist community instead of bowing to blackmailers demand to block this blog. Finding fault within is more productive instead of attacking the messenger – in this case the blog.

  8. Prabhakar Acharya Says:

    Enchina marayre…when are you publishing Suresh Hebri’s nanga naaach photos? I hope you got all the photos I sent of Suresh Hebri. Eagerly waiting to see them broadcast to whole world.

  9. Kukke Vittal Says:

    Ayyo, then what is the point in bribing? High time businessmen refused to pay these sanje papers…If any reporters ask for bribe, tell them…Blognalli suddi haraju hakuttheve!

  10. khader kukkady, baikampady Says:

    No, the list is imcomplete…if you pay up one sleazy newspaper next day you will have reporters (?) of the following sleazy papers at your doorstep…karavali ale/ vijaya kirana/ hai marutha/ lankesh patrike (part1 &2)/ kenda/ danda/ peetha dindima/ udaya crime channel/udupi channel/namma tv/ nimma tv…and the likes of Umesh marpalli/ Sijith/ Kurya/ Diwana/ Durga/ Hithendra/kudupadi/ nambi and the whole lot will be after you encouraged by ganesha prabhu & gang!

  11. EJ Says:

    All praise to you Guys !!! Kepp up the good work…

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