Karnataka Lokayukta decries “TRIAL BY MEDIA”

Santosh Hegde decries trial by media

(Photo from Vijay Times)

This blog has consistently exposed corrupt media of Mangalore and Udupi and tendency of these journalists to jump on incidents and be victim, lawyer, judge all at the same time.

We saw how a respected doctor was sentenced to trial by corrupt media in Manipal incident where journalists without knowing the facts stood by Umesh Marpally and Sijith (both were later arrested by police for taking photos of naked patients inside the hospital emergency room and obstructing doctors from conducting emergency treatment) just because they are colleagues.

Now our new Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde has touched the same issue and has condemned media’s tendency to hype up things and conduct public trial without verifying all sides of the story. As reported in The Hindu news-report: “Karnataka Lok Ayukta N. Santosh Hegde on Thursday said the media should not seek to become a “second judiciary” by holding public trials.”

Editor of The Hindu, Mr.N.Ram who was present in the same function, said “Need for media to vouch for accountability in its functioning” and also stressed the “need for regulatory mechanism for media on the lines of what exists in the United Kingdom”

Excellent points by these eminent personalities. For full report on this seminar click here for report from The Hindu.


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2 Comments on “Karnataka Lokayukta decries “TRIAL BY MEDIA””

  1. Nitya Perdoor Says:

    Entering media now does not need any experience or education. So I agree with N.Ram’s suggestion on some sort of regulatory mechanism for media.


  2. Nithin Bhandari Says:

    Good catch from blogger. Lokayukta must also take strict action against unethical journalists of udupi and mangalore. I would say Lokayukta must investigate first on BV Seetharam, since he is the king pin of all the unethical corrupted journalism.

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