JOURNALISTS TURNED KILLERS? Indian TV Journalists burn a man to get dramatic “EXCLUSIVE” footage

While whole country was celebrating Independence Day, a group of Indian TV Journalists thought it is a “slow news day” and in Bihar burnt a man so that they can get an “exclusive” dramatic footage. This must be the sickest news we have heard in a while on criminals wandering as “journalists”.

More details on this incident where Indian TV journalists forced an man with unsound mental health to commit suicide and captured it on tape. And once they got their footage, left the man to die (he died at the hospital)

We have covered earlier in this blog on to the extent to which journalists can go to get a juicy story. Journalist ethics be damned, as long as our “stringer” work gets money we are fine seems to be the attitude of journalists now.

We reported how journalists of Udupi took money from truck owners to write favourable stories on them, entered hospital Emergency Room to take naked photos of patients, blackmail restaurant owners and business owners in Udupi and Mangalore. It is clear that it is not a local phenomenon but journalistic standards all across the world has fallen to a new low. (see here how in Lebanon, journalists and photographers arranged scene of bomb attack to get “good photos” and “exclusive videos”. Reuters was exposed by US bloggers and withdrew all 920 “fake” photos from its Lebanese stringers)

DEAD AND EXCLUSIVE – article in Indian Express about this incident.

Many Indian blogs have covered this incident as well:


No News? No Problem!

Indian Uncut: “If you can’t find a news report, then create it!”


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3 Comments on “JOURNALISTS TURNED KILLERS? Indian TV Journalists burn a man to get dramatic “EXCLUSIVE” footage”

  1. Kudla Patrakarta Says:

    No doubt jurnalism as a profession has been discredited by the action of these people.

    Doctors have to study for years before they can practice, engineers have to go through dozens of exams in four years before they can claim to be engineers, lawyers go through the same education and apprenticeship.

    But journalists? You don’t need anything and there is no regulatory body which can accredit or monitor media. You can be a highschool dropout or illeterate to own and run a media emphire. Just see the eveningers here in Mangalore – how many of its reporters are graduates? We even have criminals and rapist like Hitendra Prasad in Udupi running newspaper.

    Some ideas to solve this situation:

    1. Establish a regulatory body to issue “press” card.
    2. Run educational and criminal background check of people when they apply for reporter job.
    3. Give more powers to Press Council of India which is now a teethless organisation to quickly address complaints against unethical journalism.

    If we don’t act now, it won’t be long before people openly split in our face when we say we are from press.

  2. khader kukkady, baikampady Says:

    Hajabba case…making of the Journalists???
    i strongly believe that Hajabba Battale prakarana too was the making of the Press…instead of giving clothes to the poor fellows, they went on photographing…naked human beings…
    recently Rama Diwana displayed banners with the naked photos of Hajabba in front of Gandhi statue too….that too in the presence of Janardan Bhandarkar and Alevoor Harish Kini, brother of Alevoor Dinesh Kini!
    so plan is simple:
    if there is no news, create news, use the news to build further news…so on as long as the Stringer gets his cut, editor gets his columns filled everything is fine in this game called “Media”

  3. Vinaya Joseph Says:

    Journalism is not about creating news. We are no more than mirrors reflecting upon what happens in the society. It is a sad thing that some bad elements bring disrepute to the profession. Every grain has some chaff and dirts, which has to be thrown or discarded by various methods. So is the case with these criminal elements, who have to be separated. Well there are some odd ones always, who have to be eliminated. Burning a man to get news thats not only cheap but inhuman. How heartless people can become…..grotesque…….It is simply not done…….no more words to write…just feeling bad how low people can stoop down to……….

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