“BYE MARUTA” – GHASTLY END TO FAKE JOURNALIST HITENDRA PRASAD OF “HAI MARUTA”:Many questions remain on the role of other “journalists” who were present at the murder scene – RUPESH KALMADI, SURESH HEBRI, DURGAPRASAD KADIYALI, KARAVALI ALE – and let Hitendra Prasad bleed to death in Manipal

Ghastly end to fake journalism career of rowdy Hitendra Prasad

Hitendra Prasad – a local rowdy of Udupi in the guise of “journalist” whom we had covered earlier in this blog (click here and here) met a gory end at Manipal. A sad end for a selfstyled rowdy as his blackmail journalist buddies who had gathered in the bar did not help when Hitendra lay crying for help in the charandi. Again shows that these fake journalists don’t even care for human life – even when one of their “own” is in the gutter begging to save his life.


What happenned to Hitendra Prasad’s revolver? Did Suresh Hebri or Durgaprasad Kadiyali steal the revolver from dying Hitendra Prasad? 



According to sources, this was a “deal gone bad” situation – apparently Hitendra was at a dance club to collect blackmail money but something went wrong and was killed by attackers who were lurking by.

For all his faults, Hitendra was a good photographer and had good technical proficiency in photo manipulation. He was a regular reader of this blog. (different matter he copied content from this blog and got many facts wrong). Too bad instead of using his creativity for useful purposes he ended up using it to blackmail people and collect money (like so many other fake journalists of Udupi and Mangalore whom we have exposed in this blog)

Bottomline – crime does not pay in the long run. Be it regular crime or journalism used as a tool for crime which is practiced widely by Coastal Karnataka journalists, especially evening newspapers like Karavali Ale and Vijaya Kirana. It is anyone’s guess what Hitendra could have achieved if he had used his skills in positive direction instead of entering the world of seedy underworld journalism.

Also it is indeed very ironic that at the end Hitendra Prasad ended up in the same hospital whose nurses and doctors were target of his sleazy journalism. Also ironic the same police who were target of his blackmail journalism had to lift him and take to hospital while chelas of Hitendra Prasad left him to die in gutter.




Our sources indicate that Rupesh Kalmadi, Udaya TV’s Co-director of CRIME STORY was in the scene busy directing and setting up props for “good TV murder”. Rupesh Kalmady does have a criminal background and was involved in the murder of Bailakere Sheenu and also arrested in the case involving sexual harassment of school girls in Malpe. (Click here to news published here about Rupesh Kalmadi’s arrest). Everyone is wondering what footage Rupesh Kalmadi may have caught of the murder. Where is this footage? Are they selling it to the highest bidder in the national level? (like how some TV journalists did in Bihar?). “Vijaya Kirana” also reports that Hitendra Prasad was taken to Manipal Hospital in Rupesh Kalmadi’s car (and not in police vehicle as reported by others). If this is the case where is Rupesh Kalmadi now? Police need to act now and impound Rupesh Kalmadi’s car and video footage before all evidence is destroyed by Rupesh Kalmadi


There are conflicting versions of events leading upto Hitendra’s death. It is for authorities to investigate it, but we do have many questions on the role of some specific Udupi journalists who were present at the murder scene.

Below is photo of some fake journalists and their chelas hanging around the murder scene doing nothing while Hitendra Prasad lay begging for life few meters away in the gutter.

Photo of fake journalists wandering around murder scene while Hitendra Prasad lay begging for help in gutter

More gruesome photos of Hitendra bleeding in the gutter can be seen here. WARNING: These are gruesome photos from an external site and we don’t condone these and not responsible for these photos. CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK.

We are giving the link to show the ironic twist in fate of Hitendra Prasad – a person who made money by clicking photos of people in helpless position now lay bleeding in a gutter and being photographed by paparazzi.

While police have arrested some people regarding this murder, it is clearly not a straightforward case. Were some journalists of Udupi part of a elaborate plan to get rid of Hitendra Prasad? We know from earlier coverage how some journalists of Udupi sell themselves to highest bidder as seen during “Truck Gani Kappa” (click here to see our post on journalists caught on record accepting money from truck owners to put pressure on Udupi District Administration)

  • What were Karavali Ale reporters and stringers doing at the murder scene and why did they bolt away after the murder? We all know how Hitendra Prasad had pursued and fought with Karavali Ale group through Vijaya Kirana. Did that play any role and was there a supari on Hitendra by Karavali Ale group?
  • Why did other fake journalists like Srirama Diwana (we covered naxal sympathiser Srirama Diwana earlier here) and photographer Durgaprasad Kadiyali (Durga Digital) runaway from the scene instead of helping Hitendra who was left in the charandi for more than an hour? Did supari originate from someone in a Gulf country?
  • At the crime scene there were cameramen from Namma TV, Udupi Channel videotaping the whole incident. Where is the footage now?
  • It is said Durgaprasad Kadiyali has photographs of the incident – it may tell what actually happenned during the attack. Why has Durgaprasad Kadiyali of Durga Digital Udupi gone underground after the murder?
  • Crew of Udupi Channel – partner in Udaya TV “Crime Story” – were on the scene recording the whole event during the attack. Is this another example of Balakrishna Kakatkar’s new strategy to get more sleazy TV at the expense of people’s life in the name of “investigative journalism” – like how TV journalists in Bihar killed a man by burning him? Remember earlier how Balakrishna Kakatkar of Udaya TV Crime Story supported pervert Umesh Marpally (employed by the same Hitendra Prasad) in Manipal Hospital incident where Umesh Marpally and Sijith of Udupi Channel entered Emergency Room and took photos of naked patients. (click here to see our earlier coverage on corrupt Udaya TV reporters of Udupi)
  • Suresh Hebri’s (whom we covered earlier here) role in the incident is also shrouded in the mystery. While he submitted the official complaint, when Hitendra Prasad lay in gutter fighting for his life, Suresh Hebri was busy smoking cigarettes instead of arranging for help. Is he playing double game or did greed make him ditch Hitendra Prasad?
  • How come the journalists present in the murder scene are not willing to be witness? It is only few weeks back we saw these fake journalists protesting against attack on “journalists”.
  • Balakrishna Kakatkar of Udaya TV should now come to Manipal and broadcast the item about the murder of his friend Hitendra Prasad. Same goes to other fake journalists like RK Manipal of Kenda weekly.

Many disturbing questions indeed, but a definite warning bell to all sleazy journalists of Udupi and Mangalore that if they break the law it will eventually catch up with them in one form or the other. Only big question is who next in this war of sleazy underworld journalism? Will there be tit-for-tat attack on other journalists who stood by idle smoking cigarattes when Hitendra lay begging for life in the gutter?

Oddly enough, fake journalists and photographers hanging along with Hitendra Prasad did not have any photos of Hitendra. And most of the newspapers reported Hitendra Prasad’s murder news with photo stolen from this blog! (See yourselves how Daijiworld.com and Mangalorean.com stole photo of Hitendra from this post of this blog)

Many questions and only thorough investigation of fake journalists present in the scene during the attack will answer these questions.

This is also a lesson to Udupi District Administration. We have repeatedly warned in this blog about growing “blackmail journalism” in Udupi. If District administration had taken heed to our early warnings and acted on unethical fake journalists, things would not have gone out of control.


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8 Comments on ““BYE MARUTA” – GHASTLY END TO FAKE JOURNALIST HITENDRA PRASAD OF “HAI MARUTA”:Many questions remain on the role of other “journalists” who were present at the murder scene – RUPESH KALMADI, SURESH HEBRI, DURGAPRASAD KADIYALI, KARAVALI ALE – and let Hitendra Prasad bleed to death in Manipal”

  1. Shashidar Mastikatte Says:

    Did you read Sanjevani?

    Sanjevani’s reporter is pissing in the pants and now wants police protection for blackmailing journalists! Earlier Sanjevani used to write so many stories against police and now they want police protection for their blackmailing activities? ha ha ha..

    Srirama Diwana must be going crazy now that Naxals and police both are after him.

  2. Prabhakar Poonja Says:

    Hitendra incident is a lesson to the blackmailing journalists of udupi and mangalore. Those blackmailing journalists like BV Seetharam must realize that people are not dumb. It is the right time to start a fresh life with good / positive journalism. It is very sad that Hitendra’s chelas never helped when he was begging for life from gutter. Suresh Hebri who lodged complaint at manipal station was smoking at that time. See the sorry state of these so called journalists! Instead of helping the collegeue , they just ignored dying Hitendra in the gutter.

  3. Peter D'Sa Says:

    Is this the new Indian media? Of videotaping pre-arranged murders? I think police should round up all Udaya TV Crime Story people and see if they had any hand in this

  4. M.G.Hegade, Sullia Says:

    Thanks for detailed coverage. Newspapers as expected have not published what you have published in the blog.

    I feel Karaval Ale group may indeed have a hand in this and supari killers may have used confusion in the dance bar to kill Hitendra Prasad. Otherwise it does not make sense why dance bar people will kill someone right there unless they are very dumb.

  5. Subashchandra W Says:

    Terrific coverage! Don’t worry about Daijiworld and Mangalorean stealing content from the blog – their sole existence is based on what they steal from others newspapers and websites and make money in the name of good causes.

    As someone who followed from the beginning, as you said warning signs were visible to everyone about the sleazy journalism that has gripped coastal karnataka.

  6. Subba G Kurian Says:

    There is certainly more than what meets the eye in this case.

    If dance club was indeed the disputed issue, why would dance club owners murder Hitendra right outside their club?

    I think a third party like Karavali Ale group took advantage of the confusing situation at dance club and killed Hitendra so that blame is on dance club.

    Police need to round up these third class journalists of Udupi and let public know on what really happenned.

  7. Raviraj Kolalambe Says:

    My bet is the video of murder will be shown on Zee TV or CNN-IBN.

    For ratings these people can do anything.

    But yes as you said questioning Durga, Suresh Hebri and Rupesh Kalmadi will bring up facts on this murder.

  8. Dr.Nischal.Rao Says:

    As a native of Manipal now living in London,I am apalled by the level of third rate journalism and blackmailing. which has taken firm shape in my beloved land.A dance bar in Manipal ,that too in Dr.T.M A Pai’s backgarden is interesting news….poor Dr.Pai,his soul will not be pleased.A murder in the dance bar is even more gruesome.A news blog like this will surely make more people aware.During my college days as President of the KMC Manipal students union,I have come across all these scum quite often.There were times when they threatend us to close our college because of some student having got into truble eslewhere in the state.However we did successfully resist their plans.These idiots will try to scare you only if you get scared!Cowards!Kudos to you for your efforts in exposing these idiots.

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