Srirama Diwana wants police protection for blackmailing journalists

We have extensively reported about fake journalist and activist Srirama Diwana in this blog before. But the report by Rama Diwana in Sanjevani about the murder of his blackmailing colleague Hitendra Prasad sounds like a bad joke.

Rama Diwana – who made a career out of blackmailing Udupi police officers now wants the same police to protect him? (see Sanjevani report below).

Just as a reminder, during the “made-for-camera” AdiUdupi bettale case Rama Diwana was instrumental in causing almost a bloodbath on the roads of Udupi. Then district administration had to use all its resources to prevent a riot, but Rama Diwana still made it a state level issue embrassing Udupi District Police officials.

Here is a collection of anti-police articles published in SANJEVANI MANGALORE EDITION – most of them written by Srirama Diwana who is now begging for protection from police: (click to expand the image – opens in a new window)

Anti police articles written by Rama Diwana in Sanjevani

Same story with escalation of non-issue like Kanaka Gopura where needless tension was created in Udupi by Rama Diwana and friends. In the name of Kanaka Gopura Rakshana Samithi, Rama Diwana and friends collected lakhs of rupees from outside district people who were not aware of the fact that no gopura has been demolished in Udupi.

Sanjevani report where Rama Diwana wants protection to blackmailing fake journalists:

Rama Diwana wants protection to fake journalists

One main thing Rama Diwana and other fake journalists of Udupi fail to realise: If you had not resorted to blackmail journalism like your guru Hitendra Prasad you would not have been in such situation in gutter begging protection from the same police whom you had harassed before.

Those who practice ethical journalism need not worry, but those who resort to unethical blackmailing journalism to make quick money need to worry from their own like. See where unethical blackmail journalism took Hitendra Prasad – he lay in the gutter in front of his own “journalist” colleagues and likes of Diwana did nothing to help him.

And just like his blackmailing gurus B.V.Seetharam and Hitendra Prasad, Diwana got source of the blog wrong – saying blog is published from Timbuktu! Why is Rama Diwana blaming his current situation on this blog which exposed nefarious activities of fake journalists in Udupi and Mangalore. These blackmailers begging for protection from police is like a murderer asking protection from police.

There is still time to change for unethical blackmailing journalists of Udupi, but time is indeed running out…….watch this space.

Our earlier expose of Rama Diwana:

Rama Diwana – Journalist activist for rent. List of Rama Diwana’s letterhead organisations used for blackmailing citizens.

Sanjevani becomes laughing stock by publishing Rama Diwana’s reports

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  1. Nagesh Pitrodi Says:

    Don’t give so much importance to Rama Diwana.
    No one takes him seriously anymore. He is a joker in the pack of Udupi press. Thinks he is an intellectual because he reads Lankesh Patrike and has cheated even naxals.

  2. Paul D'Souza Says:

    Like Nagesh said only pseudointellectual reporters like Subramanya Kurya, Ganesh Prabhu and Subashchandra Wagle think Diwana is next Mao of coastal karnataka. Ignore them.

  3. aarke manipal Says:

    Please do not talk lightly about repsonsible, honest press of udupi. Now Durgaprasad Kadiyali, Suresh Hebri, Suresh Shetty need police protection…beacuse they are the real witnessess to the murder of our beloved journalist friend Hithendra Prasad.
    It is also possible that they may be the next targets. As Ganesh Prabhu of Hindu reported, Hithendra Prasad died during reporting, and government failed to provide him security, hence his family should be awarded some compensation.
    Udupi press club also should institute an annual award for Best Blackmail Journalist!

  4. Thirthraj Kanchan Says:

    Shirama Diwana lately has sensed something. This is indeed a good news for Udupi & Mangalore people. All his idiotic acts should come to end one day. Let Hitendra’s death be a warning to him & his band of unethical journalists.

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