Liquor and Udupi journalists go together!

There are many jokes about journalists and alchohol.

But in a new low for journalists of Udupi, it turns out a liquor store in Udupi bus stand is run by a “journalist”.Side-business is fine, but running liquor and matka shops and ruining families – what kind of gutter journalism is that?

Hitendra Prasad – rowdy murdered recently – whom Ganesh Prabhu of “THE HINDU” and Subramanya Kurya of “Vijaya Karnataka” lovingly described as “Journalist” ran the liquor and matka shop (photo below) near Udupi Bus stand.

This yet again proves that we need some sort of mechanism or process to issue “journalist” tag only to genuine journalists. Real journalists of Udupi need to wake up to the reality before people start making fun of press people.(not that they aren’t already!)

Photo of Liquor shop run by a Udupi journalist in Udupi:

Unethical Udupi journalists

One can only imagine what kind of reporting these gutter journalists do when their day starts walking out drunk from their own liquor shop!

And journalists like Ganesh Prabhu of The Hindu, Subramanya Kurya of Vijaya Karnataka newspapers glorify these low level rowdies as “journalists”. What next? Compensation to Hitendra Prasad’s kin from Udupi Press Club or Karnataka Journalists Association?


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  1. Karthik Prasad Says:

    That is funny..may be journalists of Udupi get discount in this gadangu! No wonder editors of state level newspaper are disgusted at the type of reports being submitted by their Udupi reporters and are planning on sending reporters from outside to replace them.

  2. Ravi Gowda Says:

    Hitendra had plans to run his own dance bar. But it is very sad that people like Ganesh Prabhu are still call Hitendra as journalist.

  3. Sadanada Pai Says:

    Dear Friends,
    Some uneducated people wait anxiously for evening news, for what the news is made so colorful to read but the color is all blood made to brain wash the people of Karavali small incidents like some girl ran away with a boy, or someone’s wife has relation with other, most of the news published in this kind of media has broken many families, family problems are common, people who had some kind of family disputes inside their own house have been exposed like criminals by these foolish journalists. This news did not contribute anything to our society but ruined many lives these people want news to publish on their newspapers so they want more and more criminal activities take place, look at the outcome now they became their own target and their news is on others mouth not on the print. We must stop all these unscrupulous journalist’s who would be happy to sell…their own neighbors in order to gain money” news including the “Police News” they shot Veerappan when he was too old that too with the half of task force & where the police news say they stop criminal in Karnataka look at the cover of Police news there is a woman always half necked and middle page some sex stories is this police news? Police and some Journalists fool the people, Udupi is worst in everything except news EG: here Pooja there Pooja (Worship), this politician say this that politician say this each and everyday there Nema, here Kola today Habba tomorrow Jatre, Genda, Mari, Bajane, Mela in news media to gain just local popularity of older and uneducated generation. The qualified youth of our Udupi go out in search of job to other cities because their native no job available due to lack of industry, no good modern conscious is spread to promote tourism. These news papers say police raid bars in the night, how could police raid bars during day time! bars are meant for night! If our politicians are good Udupi city would have been made progress like Goa, Roads of Udupi are like leading to hell, Udupi won’t progress like this because so far tourists and guests came to see Udupi and they got their ass pained because of the bumpy Roads, Police chase the tourists after 8 PM from Malpe beach and say not safe in beach! Why the police? are they to scare the tourists from the beach?

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