KUDOS TO UDUPI MANIPAL POLICE : Excellent detective work by cops results in prompt arrest of Hitendra Prasad murder suspects

Excellent and swift action by Udupi and Manipal police led by dynamic SP of Udupi Dr.Subramanyeshawara Rao in arresting “rowdy scribe” Hitendra Prasad’s murderers deserves appreciation.

Udupi District SP Dr.Subramanyeshwara RaoDr.Subramanyeshwara Rao (left), who was only posted recently as Udupi District SP has hit the ground running from day one and positive results of his leadership are already visible to common man.

All credit to all police teams, DCIB and others who have made breakthrough in the case.

Click here for more details on this arrest on Udupi District Police Blog. (opens in new window)


We understand case is far from fully cracked. While acting after an incident is fine, what is more effective is proactive action by police. By acting decisively against unethical corrupt blackmailing fake journalists of Udupi such incidents can be avoided altogether.


However some distrubing questions still remain:

* Unlicensed revolver that Hitendra Prasad carried is still missing after his murder. Same story with the bullet that was fired in Manipal. Some eyewitness on the scene have told us that revolver was taken by Hitendra Prasad’s chelas Suresh Hebri and Durgaprasad Kadiyali

* Suresh Hebri – small level rowdy was the real Editor behind Hai Maruta. And new issue of Hai Maruta under Suresh Hebri is about to hit the stands with photos of Hitendra Prasad. We have predicted earlier that supari may have been given by someone within Hitendra’s gang or Karavali Ale group. The speed with which new issue of Hai Maruta is being been published after Hitendra’s murder makes us wonder if it was indeed true. Shouldn’t police be confiscating these issues of Hai Maruta, obviously published without any authority by Suresh Hebri?

* Video of the murder taken by Rupesh Kalmadi is still unaccounted for. What exactly is in the video? Is it true that Balakrishna Kakatkar of UDAYA TV called Rupesh minutes before Hitendra Prasad was murdered and gave some specific instructions? Was Balakrishna Kakatkar – desparate for ratings – responsible for arranging and videotaping Hitendra Prasad’s murder?

And challenges of fake journalists blackmailing businessman and citizens in Udupi is still a major issue.

We in this blog have repeatedly warned about rowdies, blackmailers masquerading as journalists, so Udupi Police need to focus on fake journalists and activists before we see more Hitendra like situations on the streets of Udupi Manipal.


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4 Comments on “KUDOS TO UDUPI MANIPAL POLICE : Excellent detective work by cops results in prompt arrest of Hitendra Prasad murder suspects”

  1. Nelson Kinnimulky Says:

    Congratulations sir.

  2. Sandeep Rao Says:

    Police get only negative coverage in many blogs. So I am happy that your blog has identified the good work done by Udupi district police and Manipal police.
    State government should give them award for cracking this case so quickly.

  3. Ravi Gowda Says:

    Udupi police must act fast and make proper enquiry of Suresh Hebri( Next Hitendra of Udupi) and company. These people are evil to peace loving people of udupi. I’m sure Udupi police will take action against those people without any bias.

  4. dinakar bengre Says:

    Why Hithendras revolver is not recovered?
    Where is Durgaprasad Kadiyali now?? probably hiding in his siters house in Tumkur.
    Where is Udaya TV Rajesh???
    What is the role of Suresh Hebri/ Rupesh Kalmady????
    Unless poilce crack all these we can not say congratulations…

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