OPPORTUNISTIC UDUPI MANGALORE MEDIA:Journalists who used rowdy Hitendra when he was alive now change plate and portray Hitendra as villain

People now writing bad about Hitendra kept silent and submitted to his demands when he was alive

As we watched Udaya TV’s coverage on Hitendra Prasad last night, we had to wonder – where were all these people talking endlessly about a dead man when he was alive?

Except for this Blog (https://udupipressvictim.wordpress.com) and B.V.Seetharam of Karavali AleGroup, not one among media fraternity had stood up against Hitendra Prasad when he was alive – instead Udupi press corps was taken for a ride by Hitendra in many issues – including the Manipal Hospital incident where false complaints were filed against medical staff instead of the offending media (one of them – Umesh Marpally whom we have exposed here – being associate of Hitendra). Now the same people go on and on about what a horrible man Hitendra was.

For example, we posted weeks ago in this blog about Hitendra Prasad here and here. B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale on his part had written about Hitendra menace for months. Also for all his faults, B.V.Seetharam of Karavali Ale deserves kudos for standing up against Hitendra when he was alive.

But the likes of Balakrishna Kakatkar of Udaya TV and local media who hobnobbed with Hitendra when he was alive, now portray the same Hitendra as devil. Some newspapers and weekly newspapers are writing pages on Hitendra now that he is not around. This in our opinion is cowardly behaviour.

If this is not opportunistic journalism what is? One really has to wonder if it is better to have enemies than these corrupt Udupi Mangalore journalists as friends.

Only this blog (and Karavali Ale) exposed Hitendra Prasad during his life. We are proud that we were able to fight against his blackmail sleazy journalism while other mass media and journalists stood silent or worse, used Hitendra Prasad to achieve their agenda.


Updated Aug 27 to add: Along with Udaya TV Crime News, NAMMA TV‘s FIR programme joins the ranks of Hitendra Prasad’s bashsers after he is dead. Bashing someone after he is dead – heights of opportunistic media or pure cowardism?


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2 Comments on “OPPORTUNISTIC UDUPI MANGALORE MEDIA:Journalists who used rowdy Hitendra when he was alive now change plate and portray Hitendra as villain”

  1. dinakar bengre Says:

    Hats off to the blog!
    now i understand that at least someone in Udupi knows the meaning of Dignity at Death…
    I am ashamed of my media friends for the comments they passed on the departed soul. If they knew so much about him, why they did not complain to authorities or write clolumns of detective stories on Hithendra?
    May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Jagan Shanthi Upadhyalu Says:

    I think people had fear of Hitendra, because if someone goes against him, Hitendra used to blackmail them in Hai Marutha. So everyone was gupchup. It is high time that Udupi police must do proper enquiry of Suresh Hebri (Because he will be next Hitendra of Udupi) and company as early as possible

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