UDUPI MANGALORE YELLOW JOURNALISM EFFECT:Need a new newspaper just to publish “clarifications”!

News paper just to publish clarifications!

Citizens of Udupi Mangalore have observed a recent trend in media here. Daily there are dozens of “clarifications” advertisement issued by individuals, organisations on one issue or the other – all because some blackmailing journalist had tarnished their name by publishing false stories in a newspaper or TV report.

In other words, newspaper “A” publishes a story about an individual or organisation. Since Udupi Mangalore journalists don’t follow any journalistic ethics to publish corrections even when they have published incorrect reports, these poor individuals end up paying for clarification advertisement to be published in newspaper “B” and so on.

At the end who is winning here? You guessed it right – all newspapers as they get to publish advertisements one way or the other! And the normal citizens whose name is tarnished already, end up paying the same newspaper to publish clarifications to clear their name.

Even TV channels are not behind in this tactic. In some cases voices are dubbed with video footage showing innocent individuals – and the poor individuals end up giving clarification in the form of “advertisement” to newspapers.

At the rate which we have seen increase in number of “spasteekaranas” being published in response to some false report in a newspaper, a day may soon arrive where someone will start a newspaper which is dedicated just to publish “spasteekaranas“!

But what these blackmailers don’t realise is that in the long run they are spoiling the name of all newspapers and journalists. Already citizens mock journalists and don’t believe what is published in the newspapers and these sleazy journalists are not helping their cause either by their continued false reporting.

Any suggestions on a name for such newspaper? “Clarification Express”? “Spasteekarana Vaani“? “Sarvajanika Prakatane Ale“? Post your ideas in comments!

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2 Comments on “UDUPI MANGALORE YELLOW JOURNALISM EFFECT:Need a new newspaper just to publish “clarifications”!”

  1. Alevooru Prema Kini Says:

    This trend is bad. If someone is getting defamed, he should file a defamation case. That way the judiciary & lawyers can get some livelihood by dragging the case for many years.

    This trend shows that the persons involved in clarification do not have faith in the judiciary & lawyers.

  2. Subashchandra W Says:

    Yeah these evening papers have dozens of lawyers since lawyers are dime a dozen in Udupi Mangalore without work.

    So they can get away with publishing crap and lawyers can bring end less stays and prolong judgement.

    It is a messed up situation and works for the advantage of these criminals who know how to misuse the system.

    See B.V.Seetharam – has half dozen lawyers at his disposal to block any kind of law suit against him..

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